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An expert tool for recovering lost partitions

How to make unallocated space into free space

Here you will find out:

  • what is free space and unallocated space
  • how to extend existing partition with unallocated space
  • how DiskInternals can help you

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The difference between free space and unallocated space

Both concepts indicate that the computer has some amount of data.

However, in the case of unallocated space, this is conditional, since space cannot be used until it is divided into sections. In other words, unallocated space will only be available after division. Until this moment, it will be unavailable and will not be detected by the computer as a drive with a letter.

As for free space, it is available for recording at any time or conversion into additional sections.

Extend existing partition with unallocated space.

Use 1. Extend existing partition with unallocated space

In order to make free space unallocated, you can insert it into an existing partition (they should be next door) and thereby increase its capacity.

Right-click on Start and select Disk Management. Now select the disk whose partitions you want to enlarge (with the right mouse button).

Click Extend Volume and you will see a new window with the Wizard; it will help you to do everything without hesitation.

Use 2. Create New Partition on unallocated space

This method of converting unallocated to free space will be the best and simplest.

As before, go to Disk Management. Next, just right-click and select Create Volume.

Further, the Wizard will tell you what to do. You just need to follow its instructions until the end.

If your unallocated space needs recovery

Sometimes a disk becomes unallocated spontaneously and also may have had important information on it.

In this case, in order not to waste time, you first need to return these files and then deal with the problem of an unallocated disk.

DiskInternals Partition Recovery is an excellent option for recovering photos, videos, music and other files from the unallocated space of a hard drive, flash drive, SD card, memory card, etc. The application handles all damaged file systems and deeply scans the entire disk space, which in turn gives you a huge chance to retrieve data. The software is equipped with a lot of options and innovations: a recovery wizard for your file system, free preview, several recovery modes and a reading mode, unlimited size of recoverable files, 2 versions of the program (full-featured and trial) and many more interesting and useful ones.

You just need to click on the Free Download button and soon the problem with inaccessible but important files will be solved.

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