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Boot Device Not Found; Please, Install an Operating System on Your Hard Disk Issue

Here you will find out:

  • about "please install an operating system" error
  • how to fix the issue
  • how DiskInternals can help you

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What's the hard disk 3f0 error?

This error can terrify users since they can no longer load a computer normally; loading can take a very long time or not at all.

Read this article and you will learn how to overcome it!

Why does the PC say “Boot device not found”?

There are not so many reasons that this happens, but in any case, you need to know them, as it will be easier to cope with the disease.

Most often, BIOS settings, or rather incorrect settings, lead to the problem at hand.

Also, a damaged hard drive (logically or physically) can be the cause. In addition, the MBR can let you down when damage occurs. And do not forget about viruses, malware or other external factors.

You should also pay attention to variations on this error:

  • "Boot device not found; insert boot disk and then press any key on the keyboard"
  • "Boot device not found - 3f0" or "Boot device not available"
  • “Boot device not found; please install an operating system”

Method 1. Test the HDD

The hard drive may be malfunctioning, and this is directly related to the functioning of the OS.

This can be very accurately determined using a pre-installed program to check the health of the disk. You can run it through the BIOS.

If you are not sure what to do, refer to the official website of the manufacturer of the motherboard; there you will find comprehensive information about this particular application.

Method 2. Take care of your data

Before you start fixing the error, it is best to take care of your data.

Use DiskInternals Partition Recovery to recover files from your hard drive (also, remove the hard drive and connect it as external storage to another computer). This software tool recovers pictures, music, documents, videos, etc. Hard drives can contain lots of data, but you have nothing to worry about: you can restore everything since DiskInternals Partition Recovery recovers up to 1 Pb.

This application has several Recovery Wizards, each of which works with a specific file system, another benefit of this application. DiskInternals Partition Recovery also offers several recovery modes that the built-in Recovery Wizards will tell you about. This utility is as safe as possible: it is completely transparent, as you can preview the data before recovery.

This feature, unlike on similar applications, is always free for everyone. Download the application to quickly secure your data.

Method 3. Install default BIOS settings

Now, with a calm heart and soul, you can try to reset all BIOS settings to the default.

This is likely to give you the ability to load the OS normally; i.e., before errors occurred that made it impossible to find the OS.

So, as soon as you enter the BIOS, press F9; this key restores the original settings.

Then save by pressing F10. After a reboot, the operating system should run smoothly.

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