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An expert tool for recovering lost partitions

How to make the SVCHOST.EXE process work correctly

Here you will find out:

  • what SVCHOST.EXE process is
  • how to fix this issue
  • how DiskInternals Partition Recovery can help you

Are you ready? Let's read!

What is SVCHOST.EXE process?

SVCHOST.EXE is a Windows host process on your system and is constantly running as a system executable, as many other Windows files depend on its availability. Svchost.exe is located in the folder C:\Windows\System32; and since it is a required system process, it can increase the use of various resources at certain times. But this does not mean that the increase in your network, RAM or processor as a result of this process is normal. If you notice consumption of these resources is more than 50%, something is wrong and the problem needs to be solved; otherwise, the computer will gradually lose performance and become slow as a turtle. In this article, you will learn how to make the SVCHOST.EXE process work correctly and not harm your computer in the process.

How to fix this issue

Method 1: Run the Troubleshooter

The built-in troubleshooter in Windows 10 update is a great tool. You can use it to find out what caused the memory leak, high network usage and high CPU usage, and automatically fix these problems.

Open your computer's settings using the Windows + I keys, or click the gear icon in the Start menu. Then go to the “Update & Security” section, and from the left-hand menu, select “Troubleshoot”.

At the bottom of the page, select “Windows Update” and click “Detect issues and apply fixes”. Next, let the troubleshooter do its job and then restart your computer.

Method 2: Scan your computer for viruses

Almost all malware and viruses can cause the SVCHOST.EXE process to start increasing the load on your CPU, RAM and network. You can quickly scan your computer for active infections with the built-in Windows Defender.

Open "Settings" as described above and select the "Update and Security" section.

Next, click on "Windows Security" and select "Open Windows Security".

Next, select the “Virus and threat protection” button (the shield-shaped icon) and select one of the scanning options:

  • Quick scan
  • Advanced scan

Click “Start Scan” and then wait for Windows Defender to finish scanning your device. As a result, you will have a report on all detected threats and suggestions for blocking and removing these threats.

Get rid of malware from your computer and restart your computer.

Method 3: Update Windows

If the previous methods didn't work, try going to Windows Update and doing a simple update to the latest version of Windows. This should help you fix the situation and get even more features available.

Again, in the section “Computer Settings”, click “Update & Security”.

Open the tab Windows Update and click the “Check for Updates” button.

If a new update is found, install it and only then check if your problems with SVCHOST.EXE persist.

Recover lost partitions

Use DiskInternals Partition Recovery to recover damaged disk partitions. The program does a deep scanning of disks and each partition separately and can easily recover a large amount of information (up to 1 PB) in a short period of time. There is a free, fully functional trial version of DiskInternals Partition Recovery that you can download right now and see how it works and what results it produces. This will allow you to preview the results for free using the unique preview feature. You can also take advantage of the ability to create a disk image; it's incredible, but this feature is free and always available even without the help of the Recovery Wizard.

Follow the instructions for use and everything will become clear to you:

After downloading, go to the DiskInternals Partition Recovery installation and run the recovery wizard (it usually boots automatically).

Then click the disk or partition to scan and select the program mode (full recovery, quick recovery, or read mode).

You will see the search results; select the desired file and preview it for free.

Then purchase a license and receive a unique electronic key with which you can complete the work you have started and enjoy the results.

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