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How to fix Windows Update error 0xc19001e1 in Windows 11/10

If your computer fails to update Windows, you will receive an error message. One such error is Windows update error 0xc19001e1.

This can happen due to corrupted /missing system files, third-party antivirus software, full hard drive, and some other reasons.

0xc19001e1 error.

This article will clearly show you how to fix error 0xc19001e1 Windows 10 update 1903.

Here you will find out:

  • what 0xc19001e1 error is
  • how to fix this issue
  • how DiskInternals Partition Recovery can help you

Are you ready? Let's read!

Here are 5 methods of how you can fix this issue. Choose the most suitable for you!

1. Turn off antivirus

The message “feature update to Windows 10, version 1903 - error 0xc19001e1” may be caused by third-party software. It is the antivirus that can block the operation of Windows Update and, as a result, you cannot update the system. You can try disabling third-party antivirus software and restarting your computer.

Then you need to run Windows Update and check if the error 0xc19001e1 is resolved.

2. Use troubleshooter

You can run the Windows Update troubleshooter and restart the update after restarting your computer.

To do this, press the Windows + I keys simultaneously - you will be taken to the Settings menu. Next, select "Update & Security", then go to "Troubleshoot". Next, find Windows Update and click Run the Troubleshooter, which will start detecting problems on your computer. Then you can fix them by following the instructions on the screen.

3. Use SFC

If your computer has corrupted system files, you can run the System File Checker tool to check and repair the corrupted system files on your computer.

Guide: Open a command prompt as an administrator and enter sfc /scannow command, and then press Enter to continue.

Next, the scan of damaged system files on your computer will begin and restore them. Wait until the scan is 100% complete.

4. Change update settings

You can also try to reset Windows Update components:

Open a command prompt as administrator and, in a command prompt window, enter the following commands:

clean stop wuauserv, press Enter after the command.

clean stop cryptSvc, press Enter after the command.

clean stop bits, press Enter after the command.

net stop msiserver, press Enter after the command.

Ren C: \ Windows \ SoftwareDistribution SoftwareDistribution.old, press Enter after the command.

Ren C: \ Windows \ System32 \ catroot2 Catroot2.old, press Enter after the command.

clean start wuauserv, press Enter after the command.

clean start cryptSvc, press Enter after the command.

clean start bits, press Enter after the command.

clean start msiserver, press Enter after the command.

Then restart your computer and check if Windows Update error 0xc19001e1 is fixed.

5. Free up some space

Windows updates require at least 2 GB of free space. Perhaps there is not enough free space on the hard disk, so free up disk space and deal with the problem.

In the Settings app, select the System section. Next, in the left pane, select Storage, then click on "Change how to free up space" under the Storage Sense section. Click the "Temporary Files" section, click on the "Clean Now" option, confirm your actions and wait for the process to complete.

Now, you have more free disk space: restart your computer and try to update the system again.

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