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An expert tool for recovering lost partitions
An expert tool for recovering lost partitions

Computer is sending captcha automated queries? Fix it now!

Here you will find out:

  • how to deal with "a computer sends Captcha automated queries" issue
  • how DiskInternals Partition Recovery can help you

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Use another browser

If you are facing the “captcha automated queries” problem, you should try different browsers. There are many reliable and advanced browsers out there, for example; Opera. Opera works for this because it has a VPN option. This allows the IP address to be changed and Google will no longer treat your device as making automatic requests. As a result, you will be able to browse the web without any security and privacy concerns.

Look for viruses and other issues

Scan to be sure no virus has affected automated queries on your computer. This can be done with third-party antivirus software or with built-in Windows Defender.

After scanning, examine the scan results and restart your computer to check if the problem is still there.

Change network

Try switching to another network connection if your computer is still making automatic requests. The problem may be related to your internet service provider.

After connecting to another network connection, check if the problem has gone away.

Clean cache

Accumulated cookies can affect browser performance and cause captcha automated queries. In this case, you can delete them.

Cleaning the cache:

Open your browser and click on the three dots in the upper-right corner of the browser. Now select "Settings", then find and click "Advanced". At the bottom, click on the option "Clear browsing data" and check the box next to "Cookies and other site data". Now click on Ok and Clear Data. After a few seconds, the process will be completed. Now restart your browser and check if this affected the appearance of automatic requests.

Make sure your data is safe

If, while fixing this error, you realize that you have lost some files or even all data (which is extremely rare), do not panic. Just download the professional application DiskInternals Partition Recovery and recover your lost information as soon as possible to avoid data overwriting.

To use this software, you just need to download it from here, the official website, and install it on your computer. The built-in, simple, and convenient Recovery Wizard will do the rest for you, that is, you won't even need any additional knowledge and skills. The scanning process takes place on each disk partition and, if necessary (in the case of damage to the file system), the file system is temporarily transformed for a deeper search of inaccessible information.

After you view the information found for free, it will be automatically restored and ready for subsequent export to any disk. To activate the data export and complete the recovery, you need to buy a license for the full use of DiskInternals Partition Recovery - which can be done online in a few minutes. Next, you will be given access to technical support for a year after purchasing a license. You will always be protected with DiskInternals!

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