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How to fix a UEFI boot error

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  • what a "UEFI boot error" is
  • how to fix this error
  • how DiskInternals Partition Recovery can help you

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What is a "UEFI boot error" on Windows?

On older computers, BIOS is responsible for booting; on newer computers, it is UEFI or UEFI/EFI. Hence, when you get a "UEFI Boot Error," it means your computer cannot complete the booting process due to certain errors with your drivers, MBR, or hard disk.

How to fix this error

Method 1: Try Automatic Repair

There are a bunch of built-in utilities that allow Windows users to run automatic repair processes to fix issues with the OS, hard drive, boot files, etc. Thus, the first troubleshooting method to fix Windows 10 UEFI Boot error is to run Automatic Repair.

  • Insert your Windows installation media disk or USB and boot from it.
  • Click on the "Repair your computer" link.
  • Get into the "Troubleshoot" menu.
  • Select "Automatic Repair".
  • Follow the subsequent prompts to complete the repair process.

Restart the computer normally and check for the error again. If this could not fix the problem, check the other methods below.

Method 2: Access BIOS

Access the BIOS page and choose a boot mode for the defective computer – the methods vary depending on the type of disk on the computer. For example, if the system uses an MBR disk, choose "Legacy support" in the BIOS page; if the system uses a GPT disk, choose "UEFI."

To enter BIOS on a computer, press the manufacturer's key when rebooting the computer. The key may be F1, F10, Del, or Esc, depending on the manufacturer. If you're finding it difficult to access BIOS, search the internet for the exact key combinations that will take you to the BIOS page of your computer.

Method 3: Add the driver

As an advanced PC user, you may have changed the default RAID, SATA, or IDE disk that came with your computer, and this could be the possible cause of this error. Simply add the driver by entering this command into Command Prompt:

Note: replace "X:" with the actual disk letter of the restored Windows boot partition. Also, the entry in quotes is where the driver's .inf file is saved.

Method 4: Check SATA Mode

If this error is displayed after you upgraded from a conventional hard drive to an SSD, ensure that the BIOS configurations are set to boot for AHCI. However, if it is configured for RAID mode, add the RAID driver to the cloned computer.

If you need to recover deleted data

Attempting these methods explained here can possibly lead to loss of data. Hence, you also need strong data recovery software to help you get back your important files or even an entire partition.

DiskInternals Partition Recovery is arguably the best and most reliable data recovery software tool for Windows users. It is packed with various tools and features for successful data recovery. Plus, it has an intuitive user interface that anybody can understand. This software is free to download and is compatible with all Windows versions.

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