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Fix System Error 5 Now!

System Error 5

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  • how to protect your data

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About This Issue

You may come across the message A System Error 5 has occurred when you try to open the NetView or Net Time commands.

The most common cause of this issue is that Windows Vista User Account Control (UAC) does not grant permissions to local users. However, there are other reasons for system error 5 Windows 10:

  • Time synchronization is broken.
  • No permission to access the remote computer.
  • A firewall or other third-party application may be blocking the connection to the remote computer.
  • An Active Directory replication error may have occurred.
  • Perhaps a virus attack triggered a system failure.

1. Work with Registry

Working with the registry consists in changing the registry key or cleaning the registry. However, be careful when working with the registry, because incorrect and rash actions can greatly harm your system.

So, to change the LocalAccountTokenFilterPolicy registry key, do the following:

Open Start and enter the regedit command in the search bar.

From the results found, select regedit.exe and open the Registry Editor window.

If prompted, enter your administrator password and click Continue.

Next, in the Registry Editor window, find:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\Current Version\Policies\System.

Find the entry "LocalAccountTokenFilterPolicy". If it is not in this registry key, you need to add and set its value as follows:

Click Edit, select the New tab and select the DWORD VALUE command. Next, enter LocalAccountTokenFilterPolicy, click OK.

Next, right-click this key. Go to the Value field and select Change. Click the number 1 and click OK. Exit the registry and restart your computer for the changes to take effect.

To clean your registry, it is best to offload any third-party registry cleaner. It will help you restore the registry or repair any damaged parts of it that are causing the computer to run very slowly and with error 5.

2. Adjust Time Zone Preferences

As mentioned above, incorrect time synchronization can cause Windows System Error 5 problems. Therefore, be sure to check that the time on your computer is correct. If it is not, change the time zone and sync the time correctly. After that, the error should disappear from the monitor screen.

3. Look for Threats

Most viruses and malware tend to encrypt core program files. As a result, the operating system suffers and system errors appear, including System Error 5 Windows 10. You need to promptly remove all viral infections in your system. This can be done with a third-party antivirus scanner or with the built-in Windows Defender. After the scan has completed, restart your computer and check if the problem persists with Error 5.

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All technical characteristics of the application are standard, working with the application does not require additional equipment:

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