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Guide: create a Windows 10 recovery disk from another computer

In this article you will find out:

  • how to create a Windows 10 recovery disk
  • how to protect your data

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Can you create a recovery disk with another PC that’s not yours? Recovery disks are used to troubleshoot or boot a troublesome computer that won't boot on its own. Windows Recovery Disk can be created using a USB drive or a disc (CD/DVD). So, how is possible to create a recovery disk using another PC?

How To Do It

1. Using Media Creation Tool

You need to download and install Windows Media Creation Tool on a good PC. After the installation, launch the tool and insert your USB drive or disc.

Note: the USB drive or disc must not have anything other thing stored inside, and it must exceed 8 GB of storage space).

Choose to create “Installation Media” for another PC and follow the prompts. The process may take time - you have to wait till the process is complete, then remove the recovery disk (installation media) and insert it to the troublesome PC.

2. Use The Recovery Option

There’s a built-in Recovery tool on Windows that allows you to create recovery disks. So, if you don’t want to use the Media Creation Tool, follow the guide below:

  • Connect your USB drive or disc to the PC
  • Click the “Search bar/icon” and look up “Create a recovery drive” and click on the tool search results
  • Check “Back up system files to the recovery drive”
  • Follow the prompts and select your USB drive
  • Now click on the “Create” to start the recovery disk creation process.

Keep Your Files and Data Safe

Amidst all these, it is advisable to keep your files safe to avoid losing important data. This is because a troublesome computer can lead to data loss due to various possible scenarios. To keep your files safe, you need to create a disk image, which would act as a backup copy for your important documents and files.

A disk image is a cloned version of the selected disk. It contains every detail of the disk being backed up, including the configuration information. Interestingly, DiskInternals Partition Recovery helps you to create disk images for free - and easily. DiskInternals Partition Recovery is a professional Windows utility tool that features a super-intuitive interface, and it supports all known Windows file system; thus, you this software can read any kind of internal or external disk.

More so, it can recover all kinds of media, from text documents to media formats such as MP3 and MP4. It goes on to feature a built-in Recovery Wizard, which makes the tool usable by everyone - including non-IT PC users.

How To Backup Up Your Files Using DiskInternals Partition Recovery

1. Install the software on your PC and launch it.

2. Close the Wizard that would pop-up automatically

3. Select the drive you want to backup.

4. Right-click on the drive and choose “Create Image”.

5. Now, follow the subsequent prompts to complete the backup process.

In contrast, if you want to recover your files, when you launch DiskInternals Partition Recovery, don’t close the Wizard, instead, follow it and choose a recovery mode to get back your lost files.

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