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Issue: Windows Resource Protection could not perform the requested operation

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In this article you will find out:

  • what is the “Windows Resource Protection could not perform” error
  • how to fix it
  • how to protect your data

Are you ready? Let's read!

What is the “Windows Resource Protection could not perform” error and how it is connected with SFC / Scannow?

SFC is a useful standard utility for checking system files, and for finding and fixing system errors that occur. Sometimes, users cannot access this program or it simply does not work and displays the message: “Windows Resource Protection was unable to complete the requested task”.

What should you do if you have faced such a problem? Don’t worry: this article will help you with this issue. Let's get started!

How to fix the “Windows Resource Protection could not perform" issue

Solution 1: Run SFC / scannow command in Safe Mode

SFC almost always works in Safe Mode, so give it a try!

1. Open the "Run" window and type "msconfig", then press Enter.

2. In the "Boot" tab, check the "Secure Boot" box and confirm the changes by clicking on “OK”.

3. As soon as you restart your computer, you will be in Safe Mode.

Now you can enter the "SFC / scannow" command again and check if the problem is resolved.

Solution 2: Run CHKDSK carefully

To do this, open Command Prompt as an administrator and enter the chkdsk / r command. Now hit Enter.

Next, you will most likely receive a message similar to this: “Chkdsk cannot be started, the volume is in use by another process. Do you want to run a check on this volume the next time you restart the system?" In this case, press "Y".

After checking the disk, restart your computer and try to reopen the SFC utility.

However, be warned!

Using CHKDSK is dangerous for any saved file. During the scan, the program cuts each file into bits, as a result of which, all your data will become unusable.

In order to prevent such a situation from happening, we suggest you download and use DiskInternals Partition Recovery. It will not only help you create a backup of your data and recover deleted or damaged files, but also let you create a disk image. That is, you will have a duplicate of your hard drive, with all your saved data, configurations, parameters, etc.

DiskInternals Partition Recovery is free to download and so intuitive that it doesn't even require professional-level skills. Therefore, make a disk image first and then experiment with CHKDSK.

Solution 3: change security descriptions

The security descriptor is located in the winsxs folder and contains comprehensive security information related to the protected object.

If, during the SFC scan, access to this folder is restricted, you will get the message “Windows resource protection could not perform Windows 10”.

In that case, do the following:

1. Open Command Prompt and select "Run as administrator".

2. Then enter the command ICACLS C: \ Windows \ winsxs and press Enter.

After you restart your computer, you can check if the "Windows SFC Resource Protection" issue is resolved.

Solution 4: run automatic repair

Use installation media for Windows 10 and boot your computer from it.

At the welcome screen, select "Repair your computer" and then click on "Troubleshoot".

Under "Advanced Options", select “Startup Repair”. Now you just have to wait patiently for the computer to restart.

Then, reopen SFC and complete the disk check.

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