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About KB4494441 Windows Update

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About KB4494441 Update issue

Today you will learn about the main improvements and fixes for the kb4494441 Windows update. First of all, it offers improved protection against side-channel vulnerability. Microsoft has added vulnerability protection to devices working with modern Intel processors. The HSTS TLD has also been corrected.

Now, kb4494441 windows have brought websites with HSTS TLDs to users with browsers on Microsoft Edge and Internet Explorer devices. As a reminder, prior to this event, the domain was not a member of the strict security top-level domains of the HTTP transport. Also, the problem with Microsoft 1309 was fixed due to frequent messages from users around the world. Users reported that Microsoft error 1309 appeared during the installation and removal of specific .msp and .msi files.

Now, these files are saved on the virtual disk and the error has been resolved. In addition, due to a problem, the Microsoft Visual Studio Simulator could not be opened.

Microsoft developers have introduced a solution in the latest update patch KB4494441.

The news about the latest serious software security updates that concern Microsoft Scripting Engine, Windows Server, Microsoft JET database engine, Internet Explorer and Microsoft Edge web browser, Windows graphical execution, storage database, Windows file systems, and Windows virtualization.

Possible Difficulties

Microsoft has identified four major issues that are inextricably linked to KB4494441. Microsoft Edge users should be aware that errors happen with the configuration of their printers. The bug is also present in certain Asian language packs that cause the 0x800f0982 error message to appear. Microsoft Update KB4494441 is automatically downloaded to your operating system through Microsoft Update. To make sure of this, you can go to the Microsoft Update System and the list will display the required update to download it to your device.

Make Sure Your Data is Safe While Updating OS

You should be sure to ensure the safety of your personal information when working with the device. The fact is, any malfunction of the operating system can lead to the loss of files or damage to the system disk partitions. This can happen due to accidental deletion, downloading additional software containing viruses, power outages in your region of residence, and other reasons. Of course, it is very difficult to transfer if valuable files have disappeared somewhere. But don't panic. There are programs designed specifically for such situations.

By far one of the best among them is DiskInternals Partition Recovery. This is confirmed by the long-term experience of the program in the market. The program will allow you to recover lost or damaged files, open external drives from other operating systems, and open damaged partitions of the file system without rebuilding them. The most important point is the safety of this section and the inadmissibility of performing any actions on it. This can occur by overwriting the disk, which will certainly lead to the loss of data forever.

After you download DiskInternals Partition Recovery from the website, launch it. The File Recovery Wizard will guide you through software setup, partition selection, and scan mode. Next, you need to wait until the end of the scanning process to receive information about the files available for recovery. By the way, this became possible thanks to the presence of a previewer of the recovered data, which is absolutely free.

Are you convinced that it is possible to return files to the system? To complete the recovery process and save the data on the disk, you just need to purchase a DiskInternals Partition Recovery license key. Good luck to you!

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