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What is OneDrive security?

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Here you will find out:

  • what OneDrive security is
  • how to prevent OneDrive security risks
  • how DiskInternals Partition Recovery can help you

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About OneDrive security

Microsoft’s OneDrive is one of the most reliable cloud storage platforms, with lots of interesting features. It allows synchronization and file sharing. However, virtually all internet users understand the importance of utilizing every possible security tool to protect the data they share online. For Office 365 (OneDrive) users, it is vital to understand how to secure the files saved on OneDrive. OneDrive security simply refers to practices that help to fortify your account and prevent data breach/loss.

What are OneDrive security risks?

Someone may ask, “how safe is OneDrive?” OneDrive is very safe, but it becomes safer after you stop doing certain things that could expose your password to hackers.

First, using basic and simple passwords such as ABC222, Kennedy1, or 22110055 is a big risk to your OneDrive account. These simple passwords are guessable by hackers – you need a stronger password for your OneDrive account.

Some people do write their passwords on sticky notes so that they can always remember; well, that’s not so bad a practice. However, a prying eye can easily read the password(s) and gain access to your files.

Again, when sharing OneDrive files or linking up OneDrive to another platform, you need to be conscious of the permissions you allow.

Ignoring your OS security patches could leave a gap for phishers to access your PC and mess with your private files.

How to prevent OneDrive security risks

To prevent and protect your OneDrive account, these recommended practices are what you need to do.

Activate 2FA: Two-factor authentication is one of the surest ways to prevent unauthorized access to your account. You can activate this feature for your Office 365 services or use Microsoft’s Personal Vault.

Switch to a Stronger Password: Weak passwords are easy to guess, but stronger passwords are difficult. You can combine letters (capital and small letters) with numbers and special characters (@, #, %). Passwords that consist of these three entries are hard to guess.

Don’t Miss Security Patches: Security patches are released to protect your PC from vulnerability; always download and install them.

Be Proactive: Always update your core software apps, including your antivirus app. Also, do not grant admin privileges to apps and persons you do not trust. If your OneDrive account has shared folders, ensure not to save your personal/private files or passwords in such folders.

Take action immediately if you notice or sense that your Office 365 account has been hijacked.

If you want to recover deleted files easily

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