Partition Recovery™
An expert tool for recovering lost partitions
An expert tool for recovering lost partitions

Possibilities for repairing a damaged partition

The physical hard drive is divided into several partitions to maximize data storage efficiency. It is essential to keep the partition complex together. Partitioning improves disk performance and simplifies file management. This is a convenient way to store your files and keep computer operations speed at a good level.

Defects within partitions can lead to data loss and the necessity of corrupted partition repair. To repair a partition, there are both built-in methods or with DiskInternals Partition Recovery™ Windows partition repair software.

Reasons for partition errors that lead to data loss

When a partition is lost, the data on it will also disappear. In reality, partitions damaged for any reason leads to much more complicated consequences than ordinary data loss. In case your partition is lost, you’ll leave no stone unturned to repair corrupted partitions with DiskInternals Partition Recovery™ software.

To avoid the necessity of partition repair, you should know some reasons for partition data loss:

  1. 1. Partition Table Loss or Damage.
  2. Partition tables display existing partitions for users. If a partition table is corrupted, you will be unable to read or write data on the volume until partition repair is done.

repair damaged partition

  1. 2. The Human Factor.
  2. When managing your hard disk, you may delete a partition by mistake or clean the wrong part of the drive. In this case, disk partition repair will be quite simple with special tools.
  1. 3. The Partition Size Changed Incorrectly.
  2. Changing the partition size is a risky and time-consuming operation that requires some technical knowledge and experience. So, if you are not a professional, don’t do it yourself. Otherwise, you might need to do partition repair after.
  1. 4. Bad Tracks/Sectors. A hard drive is divided into several tracks and each track is separated into several sectors. If a sector cannot be read or written as normal, it is called a bad sector. If the sector/track is physically corrupt, it is not scary, but if the number of corrupted sectors is growing, then the entire drive can die. If the sector/tack has a logical failure, only the bad sector/track will be unavailable and you can try to repair the partition.
  1. 5. Operating System or File System Corruption.
  2. If your operating system or file system is corrupted, the hard drive will not be able to function normally until the proper partition repair is done. Because of this, the partition may disappear without you knowing it.

Manual: How to Restore Files from a Damaged Partition

If you have faced any problem mentioned above, don’t panic. DiskInternals’ Partition Recovery™ is an advanced tool that will do its best to complete the partition repair of your logically corrupted partition.

  1. 1. Run the DiskInternals Partition Recovery™ Wizard in trial mode.
  1. 2. Follow the instructions.
  2. 3. Wait until the system scan is finished.
  1. 4. When you preview the file's content you need to recover, purchase the license and complete the partition repair process.
  1. 5. Enjoy your data!

During the partition repair process, Partition Recovery™ Wizard by DiskInternals goes through the hard drive to find deleted or lost partitions.

In case you need to go through a couple of disks, restart the Partition Recovery™ Wizard partition repair tool by DiskInternals and repair disk partition volumes one by one. These simple instructions were made to help you keep your data safe and avoid the necessity of using a partition repair tool.

Prevent partition damage in the future

Restoring a damaged partition is a serious matter. You can avoid this procedure if you simply follow these steps:

  • Be sure to have a proven, updated antivirus tool on your computer. This will not only protect you from damage to partitions, but also protect your data. Be sure to check for viruses on all external media that will be connected to your computer.
  • Do not perform unverified actions on your computer, especially on the disk on which the OS is installed (usually, this is drive C). Any incorrect operation can cause a computer crash and subsequent partition corruption.
  • If possible, avoid installing pirated software Although they are free, they can cause great damage to the computer, and sometimes even disable it. Give preference to licensed versions of applications and be safe.

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