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An expert tool for recovering lost partitions

How to fix the “Diskpart has encountered an error” issue

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  • what the “Diskpart has encountered an error” issue is
  • how to fix this issue
  • how DiskInternals Partition Recovery can help you

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About the “Diskpart has encountered an error” issue

Did you just see the error message, “Diskpart has encountered an error: Access is denied”? Well, getting error messages shouldn’t be a big deal to any Windows user – you always get one error or another. However, the Diskpart error appears if the connected USB device is write-protected, or if the current user logged in to the PC does not have “Admin” rights. Regardless, there are a couple of ways to fix things up.

How “Diskpart has encountered an error” issue can be fixed

Here you will find 2 great methods and any of them can be helpful for you.

Method 1: Change Write Protection

Since write protection can be one of the possible reasons you’re getting the error, changing the write protection of your drive can solve the issue. To do this, simply follow the steps below:

  • Press Windows key + R to launch the “Run” box
  • Enter “regedit” into the box and click “Run” or hit the “Enter” key on your keyboard
  • In the Registry Editor page, go to this address: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\StorageDevicePolicies
  • Double-click on "WriteProtect" and change the value to 0

Method 2: Start Command Prompt as an administrator

When you run Command Prompt as an ordinary user, you won’t be able to run certain commands; the Diskpart command is one of those commands that require admin rights. To run Command Prompt as an admin, follow the guide below:

  • Right-click on “Start” and choose “Command Prompt (Admin)”
  • You may be asked to enter an admin user password (if your account is not an admin account); enter the password, and continue
  • Run the diskpart command again and check if the error repeats

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