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Fix Wrong Time in Windows 10 in a Few Steps

How to Fix Wrong Time in Windows 10

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Look For Viruses

First, scan your computer for viruses and malware. You can do this with your antivirus program or with the built-in Defender 10. After the scan of your device is complete, check if the “Windows 10 date and time wrong” problem persists.

Examine OS Preferences

If the Windows Time Service is not configured correctly, problems with the clock may occur.

To properly configure this service, do the following: press Windows Key + S, enter Services and select the Services result. In the new window, search for Windows Time Service and open it. Go to the Startup type section and activate the Automatic option, then restart the service and click Apply and OK.

If this does not help solve the problem, it is possible that your Internet time server is not configured correctly.

To change this, open the Control Panel and go to the Clock, Language and Region section. Click the Date & Time option and go to the Internet Time tab. Click the Change Settings button, go to the Server section, select and click Update Now. Now you need to save your changes and check if the problem is gone.

Work with Time Service

Try to re-register the Windows Time service; some users think it works.

To do this, open a command prompt as administrator and enter the following lines:

w32tm / unregister, press Enter to run it.

w32tm / registration, press Enter to run it.

clean start w32time, hit enter to run it.

w32tm / re-sync, press Enter to start it.

After finishing the last command, close Command Prompt and restart your computer - the problem should now be resolved.

Examine Power Options

If your laptop battery is damaged, the BIOS will not be able to save the time and date settings correctly.

In this case, you need to enter the BIOS (while the computer boots, press Del or F2) and check the clock from there. If the clock in the BIOS does not show the correct time, you should replace the computer battery.

Any BIOS Problems?

The Problem may be caused by an outdated BIOS version, so you can try updating it. However, during the update, you must follow the detailed instructions in the motherboard manual exactly. This will help you avoid damaging your computer.

Edit Registry

Add RealTimeIsUniversal DWORD to the Registry Editor.

If you use a dual-boot Windows 10 and Linux, add RealTimeIsUniversal DWORD in the Registry Editor.

To do this, log into Linux and run the commands as root:

ntpdate, press Enter

hwclock –systohc –utc, press Enter.

Then log into Windows 10 and go to the Registry Editor:Press Windows Key + R and type regedit and click OK; go to the next key in the left pane:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ SYSTEM \ CurrentControlSet \ ControlTimeZoneInformation new word. Next, right-click an empty space and select New. Select DWORD Value (32-bit) and enter RealTimeIsUniversal as the name of the new value. Then double-click it, set the Value data to 1, and click OK. Now, after rebooting, check if the error “Windows 10 clock wrong” is still there.

Update OS

If your operating system has not been updated for a long time for some reason, or if you do not use automatic update, you should start updating the system right now. To do this, go to Settings, click Update & Security and then Windows Update and check for updates. Install all updates and restart your computer.

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