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Windows Server 2016 Essentials vs Standard

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  • comparison of Windows server 2016 essentials vs standard
  • when DiskInternals can help you

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Windows server 2016 essentials and standard

Windows Server 2016 is an operating system designed to seamlessly integrate into the cloud and simplify management in hybrid cloud environments. This OS has three versions:

  • Essentials
  • Standard
  • Datacenter

This article will tell you, in comparison, two versions of the OS - Essentials Standard. You will see the main advantages and disadvantages of each of them and evaluate the data recovery capabilities of these operating systems.

Comparison of Windows server 2016 essentials vs. standard

Windows Server 2016 Essentials edition is designed for small businesses with basic IT requirements where a low workload is required. This version of the OS can serve up to 25 users and 50 devices. Inexperienced users can deploy it as their first server, while professionals can deploy the main server to create a multi-server environment. In Windows Server 2016 Essentials, there is an opportunity to get a set of advanced features and capabilities, and the price is quite adequate. In addition, there is no need for a client's license at all. The maximum allowable RAM numbers are 64 GB. CPU limits - 2 CPUs maximum.

Windows Server 2016 Standard is the standard, full-featured server OS for small and mid-size businesses to deliver less visualization. Also, this version of the OS can function as a platform for server applications (Exchange Server, SQL Server). The maximum allowable RAM numbers are 24 TB. In the price category, the standard version of Windows Server 2016 will be slightly more expensive (the difference is about $200). A maximum of 512 cores can be used. In this case, licensing is a prerequisite, and it is necessary for each user or device.

What your computer may need

If something went wrong and you lost some data, a system failure occurred that damaged important documents, you were overtaken by a virus attack or something else, you should not immediately say goodbye to this data and panic... You can still get this data back using certain applications. So, use DiskInternals Partition Recovery or RAID Recovery (if you're using RAID).

If only some files are deleted - DiskInternals Uneraser may be sufficient.

A little more detail about these utilities:

DiskInternals Partition Recovery is aimed at scanning each disk partition with the ability to convert the file system, if necessary. This application's mechanism works perfectly with the recovery of data of all types and sizes in a short period of time. As with all DiskInternals applications, Partition Recovery has a built-in Recovery Wizard for inexperienced clients, as well as a preview of found files at no cost. It is not necessary to purchase a license; it is worth using it in the case when there is a need to export data to another medium. As a bonus, you receive annual technical support and consulting by the company's specialists in incomprehensible moments of working with the application.

DiskInternals RAID Recovery is a specialized application for recovering arrays of any level with automatic research of the raid state, determining the number and order of disks, and recovering any data where possible. All Windows restrictions are freely bypassed. All recovered files can be exported to remote locations.

DiskInternals Uneraser is a simple and versatile application for deep and fast scanning of any disk and recovering files of any format. It is quite suitable if you need to recover several recently missing files. The functions of Preview (free), Recovery, and Export Wizards are also present here. So don't worry if you've never used an app in this format.

You can now choose one of your favorite apps and download it right now to take advantage of the free trial.

So go ahead!

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