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Setup Was Unable to Create a New System Partition Issue

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Setup was unable to create a new system partition

This problem entirely depends on the motherboard, USB storage used, your USB interface, and the version of Windows you are installing.

So, when installing Windows, the OS itself must determine which disk is the primary boot disk. The correctness of the MBR configuration depends on this. When there is no automatic detection of the external USB drive and the local one on which Windows should be installed, a similar situation arises. Most often, this applies to large USB drives for installing Windows, or to those devices that cannot be bootable. This situation can also occur if you have configured the BIOS to always boot from a USB drive for the first time.

Method 1. Use USB or CD installation

In the Windows setup program, you will be prompted to select the device where you want Windows to be installed. Select the USB drive and click the cross icon to remove the drive.

Then click OK and go to the main setup page.

Here, select "Install Now" without reinstalling USB and click OK. Now, plug your USB drive into the USB port and click "Install Now." Proceed with the installation of Windows. If you still can't finish what you started, try another method.

Method 2. Use CMD to create boot partition

Before you do that - create a backup or disk image and save it to an external hard drive! If you don't, then you will definitely lose all data.

Right-click on Start and click on Command Prompt with administrative rights. Now, enter diskpart and Enter. Next:

list disk

select disk 0

* instead of 0 - type the number of your disk.


create partition primary size=3000

* 3000 - is an example; that mean that the size of a new partition will be 3000 MB.

format fs=NTFS quick



list volume


Press Enter after each command.

Now, copy the installation files to the new partition.

Type a: and press Enter (a is the drive letter of the Windows installation media).

Type xcopy a: c: /a /h /k and press Enter.

* a is an example of the drive letter of the Windows installation media.

Then, remove the Windows installation media from your computer. Now, reboot the system.

When DiskInternals can help you

DiskInternals Partition Recovery is useful for creating a disk image or recovering corrupted files from a disk. This software works on various types of fixed and removable media, such as HDD, flash drive, external hard drive, SSD, memory cards, IDE drive, SATA drive, SCSI drive, etc.

The program is one of the best professional tools for ordinary users, and also for professionals in their field who need to recover any data from a hard drive or its deleted partitions. In addition, the whole process of recovering Windows partitions is fully automated, and each step is described and accompanied by a recovery wizard. Besides, there are 3 of them to choose from: Partition Recovery Wizard, NTFS Recovery Wizard, and FAT Recovery Wizard. The great news of Partition Recovery is a completely free preview of files with a trial and licensed version of the utility.

You always have the opportunity to preview files before recovering them and evaluate the software's operation before purchasing a license.

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