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What Should You do if Controller is Not Working on PC?

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Lately, the video gamer’s industry has been facing an issue with remote Controllers Not Working on PCs. Many tech-savvies came out with reasons for the issue, claiming it to be because the gamepad driver is outdated, or the controller might not be appropriately configured, etc. After a lot of research, we have found out this prevailing issue is the consequence of the newly released update of Windows 10.

We understand the displeasure that comes when you find your PS4 Controller Not Working on PC, and therefore we have gathered a bunch of solutions for you. Some of them include:

1. Dualshock 4 Not Working on PC can be fixed effortlessly by downloading the latest driver

Restarting the computer upon complete installation will solve your problem. It works by scanning the outdated components of your device and refreshing them to the newer versions. Other than that, installing generic USB hub drivers and utilizing them instead of the manual one also helps.

2. PS4 Controllers Would Bot Connect to the PC is an issue that needs to be troubleshot

It is most likely that the problem will be resolved once you have run the troubleshooter on your device.

3. Disable Other Connections

PS4 Controllers Not Recognized on PC can also be the result of the multiple devices that are connected to the computer unnecessarily. The detection of the right device by Windows will be possible if you unload the burden of connected devices from your computer or connect the controller to the USB 2.0 port instead of 3.0.

4. Adjust System Preferences

PS4 Controllers Not Working on Steam might be due to some system preferences. You can stop your computer from turning off plugged devices on its own by adjusting the settings and eliminating its access to unplug the devices for saving power. Moreover, changing the power plan settings of your PC often results in rectifying the problem.

5. On/off Gamepad

At times the PC won’t detect PS4 controllers if there is a bug. You can resolve this minor issue by disabling and later enabling the device with the computer after a few minutes. It will make windows recognize the controller and install drivers for it. Similarly, you can also resolve the issue by uninstalling the controller. Then restart the computer for windows to install missing drivers, and in turn, fix the problem of your Computer Not Recognizing the PS4 Controller.

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