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An expert tool for recovering lost partitions

How can you recover files from LOST.DIR?

Here you will find out:

  • what LOST.DIR is
  • how to recover files from LOST.DIR
  • how DiskInternals Partition Recovery can help you

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Even after deleting the LOST.DIR folder from your device file manager, it will automatically come back after some time. This is because the LOST.DIR folder is a system folder where interrupted/corrupted files are saved on your device. When you open the folder, you'll notice that it is filled with unformatted, corrupted files. Those files you see inside the LOST.DIR folder are auto-generated when you perform certain activities on the phone.

For example, when your device suddenly shuts off while you're running an app, it generates a crash file, which is now saved on LOST.DIR. Also, unfinished internet download files can be saved in this folder, as well as corrupted files generated by the sudden removal of the SD card from the device.

How to recover files from LOST.DIR

Some people see this folder as a "virus," but in fact, it poses no harm to your device. Also, the files saved on this folder are quite important; hence, sometimes, when you delete the LOST.DIR folder, you may notice that your phone begins to misbehave. Nevertheless, there are ways to recover data from the LOST.DIR folder.

Method 1: Write filename extension

When you add a filename extension to a file inside the LOST.DIR folder, it changes the file format and makes the file readable by certain mobile apps on the device. However, depending on the file manager you're using, you can batch rename multiple files in the LOST.DIR folder. Nevertheless, if your file manager doesn't support batch renaming, you can attempt renaming them in sequence.

To add a file name extension, all you should do is:

  • Select the file you want to edit
  • Click on the More icon (usually 3 vertical dots arranged like column (:))
  • Select rename and add an extension to the file’s name

Let’s assume the filename is “hitlmso”; what you should do is to add .mp3, .doc, or .jpg to the name; thus, it becomes hitlmso.mp3, hitlmso.doc or hitlmso.jpg.

Once the filename has been changed, and a filename extension is added, you can now attempt to open the file using compatible mobile apps on your device/phone.

Method 2: Use DiskInternals Partition Recovery

If you unknowingly deleted the files in the LOST.DIR folder and need to get it back, you can use DiskInternals Partition Recovery to do that. DiskInternals Partition Recovery is a handy software app that allows you to perform data recovery tasks.

However, before you can use DiskInternals Partition Recovery to restore the files, you have to remove the SD card from your mobile device and connect it to a computer using a card reader. After that, you can install DiskInternals Partition Recovery on the computer and recover the files. This software can recover files from HDDs, memory cards, SSDs, external hard drives, flash drives, IDE disks, SCSI disks, SATA disks, etc. The interface is self-explanatory, and it is fast in processing.

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