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Deal with the logilda.dll Error in Windows 10 Now!

logilda.dll Error in Windows 10

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About This Issue

The logilda.dll error occurs on computers with Logitech mice. Usually it appears when Windows starts and looks like this: “Problem with starting C: Windows System32 LogiLDA.dll, the specified module could not be found.” Sometimes this issue appears due to a recent update to Windows. There are a number of ways to remedy this situation.

Use Task Manager

Try disabling LogiLDA (Logitech Download Assistant) on Windows startup:

Press Windows + R andenter taskmgr in the Run text box. Open the Task Manager and click the Start tab, then select LogiLDA in the list of startup items and disable it. If you see other Logitech startup components, turn them off as well. If the problem with “logilda.dll Windows 7” is not resolved, continue to another solution.

Edit Registry

You can try removing the Logitech Download Assistant key from the registry if you are confident in your skills. Be careful when modifying the registry, or back up the registry ahead of time.

So, open Run (Windows Key + R), type regedit into the Run text box and press Enter.

In the text box, type the path of the Registry Editor:


Then Click the right-mouse button on Logitech Download Assistant, and then select Delete. Next, delete the Logitech registry key using a batch file and exit the registry to make sure the Logitech Boot Assistant is completely removed from Windows Startup. Restart your computer and see if the “logilda.dll not found” error persists.


Delete Third-Party Software

Usually, uninstalling the Logitech SetPoint software helps if there was a problem starting C//windows/system32/logilda.dll.

It can be removed like any other software:

Open the Run window (Windows Key + R) andenter appwiz.cpl, click OK.

In the search box, type Logitech SetPoint and select SetPoint software, click the Uninstall button. Confirm your actions and at the end reboot Windows.

If uninstalling the program does not give the desired results, you can reinstall this application.

You should now download and install the latest version of SetPoint software.

Work with Device Driver

Try reinstalling the Logitech driver, it will also ensure you have the latest updated driver. So, enter devmgmt.msc in the Run field and select the result, Mice and Other Pointing Devices. Expand the list of devices, right-click the Logitech HID and select Uninstall Device.

Restart your computer and Windows will reinstall the default mouse driver.

If the system does not find new drivers, start updating the drivers automatically using a third-party driver installer. Such applications will automatically and regularly check the status of the drivers and the system and update the system components as necessary.

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