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How to fix Windows stop code 0xc000021a

Here you will find out:

  • what is stop code 0xc000021a
  • methods of how to fix it
  • when DiskInternals can help you

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What is stop code 0xc000021a?

Microsoft regularly releases updates to its Windows operating system to improve workflow and fix bugs in previous versions of the operating system. However, not always everything is so rosy. After or during updates, you may receive an error message with code 0xc000021a. As a result, you will not be able to boot the system correctly and access the computer data. Although this is rare, the severity of this problem is quite great.

Therefore, it is worthwhile to deal with this problem in more detail.

0xc000021a error interpretation

The error will look something like this:

STOP: c000021a

The Windows subsystem system process exited with status 0xc0000005, the system was shut down.

Windows OS has two required subsystems without which the computer simply will not work properly:

  • WinLogon
  • CSRSS.

If one of them or two subsystems are damaged at once, then the frightening message STOP 0xC000021A appears.

Reasons behind the 0xc000021a error

Most often you will encounter this error due to a misconfigured application or driver. Incorrect operation of the underlying software will lead to fatal consequences.

Also, one more common cause of error 0xc000021a is registry corruption. This can happen as a result of power surges, disk read/write errors, etc.

So, how can we fix the situation and, most importantly, save the saved data?

Method 1. Turn off the external devices

Try to turn off all external devices that are currently connected to your computer. This also applies to the keyboard, mouse, speakers and more. Then try booting again - if everything is good, then one of the peripheral devices is incompatible with the computer. To understand which device is guilty, turn on one device at a time and observe the reaction of the computer. This way you can find the source of the error and eliminate it.

If unplugging the devices doesn't work, you can try other methods.

Method 2. Use last good configuration

Turn off your computer and press the Power button again. As soon as the system information appears on the screen - quickly press the F8 key until you see a list of available boot options.

You need to select the option Last Known Good Configuration and press Enter. You will now boot without any error.

Method 3. Uninstall the last software

This method will help if the stop code 0xc00021aappeared after you installed this or that application. In this case, you need to delete it. Since normal system boot is not available, you need to enter safe mode. To do this, restart the computer and as soon as the system information appears on the screen, press the F8 key. Select Safe Mode from the list of possible downloads and press Enter. After this download, uninstall recently installed applications.

Then you can reinstall them. but only correctly and with a genuine license.

Method 4. Use SFC

This free utility will check all system files and fix them if possible. To start the program, you need to open a command prompt with administrator rights. Right-click on Start and select Command Prompt. The target command for you is sfc/scannow, then click the Enter key. After a while, the scan will end and you will see a report on the work done.

If the program managed to cope with the errors that occurred - congratulations, restart your computer.

Method 5. Try BCD

You may need to restore Boot Configuration Data (BCD) to fix the error. In this case, boot from the installation disc and go to the "Repair your computer" section, where in Troubleshooting select Advanced options. Then select Command Prompt and paste the commands (each requires an Enter key):

  • bootrec /FixMbr
  • bootrec /FixBoot
  • bootrec /ScanOs
  • bootrec /RebuildBcd

Then complete the system reboot.

Method 6. Clean reinstallation of Windows

If you have a lot of errors on your computer, try reinstalling Windows. But remember - it will erase all files from the disk where Windows is installed and all recoverable files. So before you get started, use DiskInternals Partition Recovery.

The program uses a deep disk scanning system and can easily recover a large amount of information (up to 1 PB). This application recovers whatever you want: pictures, music, documents, videos, etc. There is a free fully functional trial version of the application that you can download right now and see how it actually works. This will allow you to preview the results for free with the must-have preview feature. You can also take advantage of the unique ability to create a disk image, it's incredible, but the feature is free and always available.

Follow the instructions for use:

After downloading, proceed to install DiskInternals Partition Recovery and then run the Wizard.

Then click on the drive to scan and select program mode (full or fast recovery, read mode).

You will see the search results after scanning in a few minutes.

Now select the file you want and preview it, for free.

Buy a license online and receive a unique electronic key with which you can complete the work you have started and enjoy the results.

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