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An expert tool for recovering lost partitions

Here is everything you need to know about HxTsr.exe file

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About This File

HxTsr.exe (Hidden Executable To Sync Remote Servers) is a compressed executable file of the Microsoft Windows operating system. This file is mediocre, but often found in the C:\Program Files folder. The executable file HxTsr.exe is used to connect between Outlook 2013/2016 on the computer and the Microsoft server. The file is often flagged as a false positive by your firewall or your antivirus because Hxtsr.exe can violate path-based identification rules. More often than not, this statement applies to Norton Security antivirus software.

In most cases, the HxTsr.exe file is safe, but some cybercriminals may use the filename to inject their malware into your computer.

Therefore, you should know when HxTsr.exe is a virus. With Korea all, you are dealing with a virus, if:

  • The file is not located in the folder C: \ Program Files
  • The computer is erratic and slow
  • The application freezes, crashes or slows down
  • High CPU usage or higher than usual
  • The File HxTsr.exein Task Manager has a suspicious graphic icon.

If one of these options applies to you, then you need to delete this file, as your personal information is at risk.

How to Deal with High CPU Usage Issues?

If you have a high CPU utilization, you will most likely get a crashing computer and very poor performance.

To fix this, you can use the following methods.

1. Protect Your Data!

Start by taking care of your data, since at any time a failure can occur and you risk losing part or all of the saved data. In this case, to open the disk or recover its files, you must use the DiskInternals Partition Recovery application. You have nothing to worry about because all your data will be recovered with little or no help, but with the help of the built-in Recovery Wizard.

When choosing the main parameters, you can select the reading mode and open any inaccessible and unreadable file, just like in Explorer!

DiskInternals Partition Recovery supports absolutely all file types (mailings, images, audio, etc.) and recovers up to 1 PB of data. The preview function will visually show you the qualities of the application and the files being recovered, and it is also free for every client.

Partition Recovery is equipped with three assistants that will accompany you until the data is exported: Partition Recovery Wizard, NTFS, or FAT Recovery Wizard - this allows the program tobe used by not only for IT professionals, but also for ordinary people. But if you do not understand something about the problem and have questions, you can easily contact DiskInternals support and get highly qualified advice from the company's technology experts as soon as possible.

Download the free version of Partition Recovery now and don't worry about the safety of your files anymore!

2. Update OS

You may encounter HxTsr.exe high CPU usage error if your Windows system is outdated. Hence, updating your system might fix the problem.

First, press the Win + I keys at the same time and you will be taken to Settings.

Next, select Update & Security and go to the Windows Update tab. Then, click on the button Check for Updates on the right sidebar, and if there are any available updates, Windows will automatically download them. After updating the operating system and rebooting the operating system, the high CPU usage error HxTsr.exe should be fixed.

3. Remove MS Office package

You can also try reinstalling the Microsoft Office package if the previous method did not help.

Open the Control Panel and set View by: Small Icons. Then select Programs and Features, locate Microsoft Office in the list and right-click it. Next, you should select Uninstall and follow the instructions to uninstall Microsoft Office.

After rebooting the system, go to the official website of the Microsoft Office manufacturer. Next, install the Microsoft Office package manually.

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