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Laptop Microphone is Not Working? Fix it Now!

Laptop Microphone is Not Working

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About This Issue

Microphone problems on Windows 10 devices occur quite often, this applies to both the built-in microphones and headsets with a microphone. This Laptop Microphone Not Working problem can cause enormous inconvenience in certain situations. For example, if you have an online conference scheduled and at this time the microphone does not turn on, etc. Before you attempt to correct this situation, try connecting your microphone to a different audio port, if available.

If you have one audio port, proceed with the solutions below

1. Adjust Preferences

First, set the default microphone to get rid of the Laptop Microphone Not Working problem. To do this, right-click the volume icon and select the Recording Devices option. Next, select a device that has a status of Ready and click Set as Default. Finally, you should see a green mark on the correct microphone.

If the microphone does not work with only some applications, then it is possible that they simply do not have access to the microphone. The thing is that the OS automatically blocks the access of applications to the microphone for your safety. Therefore, just give the necessary applications access to your microphone.

Sound enhancement apps do their job, of course, but sometimes these apps block the built-in microphone. Therefore, try disabling this sound enhancer app to get rid of the unpleasant situation.

If these solutions did not make any difference to your situation, you can try Windows Audio Service.

To do this, enter services.msc in the search bar and press Enter, this will take you to the Services page. You need to find the Windows Audio service, right click it, and start it. If this service is already running, click on the Restart option, then wait a few seconds and restart your computer.

2. Troubleshooting

You should use the Windows Sound Troubleshooter if the previous solutions do not work. This built-in Windows 10 application can be launched as follows: open Settings, click on the Update & Security section. Then click Troubleshoot and select in turn:

  • Play Sound
  • Record Sound
  • Speech

After verification, you will receive a report with the identified problems and with the main methods for correcting these problems.

3. Work with Drivers

Be sure to update your audio drivers, they may have become outdated a long time ago, so they cause a Microphone is Not Working problem.

So right-click on the This PC icon and select Manage. Next, select Device Manager from the menu on the left, find your audio device and right-click it. Select the Properties function and in the window that opens, select the Driver and click Update Driver. Then follow the instructions on the monitor screen to complete the update.

Alternatively, you can visit your sound card manufacturer's website. Download and install the latest driver from there to fix your problem.

The third option for updating drivers is downloading and installing a specialized tool to automatically update all outdated drivers on your computer.

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