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Can't Remove Bluetooth Devices in Windows 10, 11? Fix it Now!

In this article you will find out:

  • how to deal with this issue
  • how to protect your data

Are you ready? Let's read!

Can't remove Bluetooth device on Windows 10, 11? Well, you’re not the only one facing such an issue. Typically, you cannot remove certain drivers from Windows; instead, you can disable them or update them (if you think they’re causing your PC to malfunction).

How To Fix Windows 10, 11 Can't Remove Bluetooth Device?

There are a couple of ways to fix this issue, and they are explained below.

1. Check the Driver

Launch Windows Device Manager by right-clicking on the Start icon and choosing the option from the list. On the Device Manager page, expand the Bluetooth driver, right-click on the Bluetooth device you want to remove and select Uninstall device.

2. Unhide and Remove the Device

Sometimes Bluetooth devices can be hidden; to unhide them, open Device Manager, click on the View menu option and activate Show Hidden Devices. Now expand the Bluetooth driver option and Uninstall the device.

3. Change Services Preferences

Go to Windows Services and change your Bluetooth services preferences. Here are the steps:

  • Press the Windows key + R and type services.MSc
  • Click Run
  • Find Bluetooth services and open it
  • Set the Startup to Automatic.

4. Troubleshoot

There's a built-in Bluetooth troubleshooter you can use to troubleshoot the issue. This troubleshooter is available on the Settings page >>> Troubleshoot >>> Bluetooth.

5. Check the Registry

Lastly, you may need to clean your registry to fix this issue. To do this, use the Command Prompt.

Right-click on Start and choose Command Prompt (Admin), then run this command: SFC /scannow.

How To Keep Your Important Data Safe

To keep your important files and data safe, you need to back them up. While there are quite a lot of backup tools out there, the DiskInternals Partition Recovery stands out with its unique, intuitive, built-in Wizard and support for Disk Images. With the DiskInternals Partition Recovery tool, you can back up your files and also recover lost files at any time. It is a professional tool with support for all known file types and formats.

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Here’s How to Create a Backup of Your Files Using DiskInternals Partition Recovery:

  • Download and install DiskInternals Partition Recovery
  • Launch the software and close the Wizard (which would launch automatically)
  • Select your hard disk drive, right-click on it, and select "Create Image"

On the other hand, if you want to perform data recovery, do not close the Wizard that launches after you launched the software; follow the Wizard and choose a recovery mode to get back your lost files.

Well, you need to buy a license to recover files with DiskInternals Partition Recovery, but creating disc images to backup your files is entirely free. You can create as many disk images as needed.

After you have backed up your files, if the Bluetooth device error is still occurring, feel free to reset your Windows or roll back your PC.

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