Partition Recovery™
An expert tool for recovering lost partitions
An expert tool for recovering lost partitions

The most effective and dependable software for recovering data from a corrupted hard drive

This article is dedicated to the software, that will help you recover files from the corrupted hard drive.

Widespread signs of a corrupted hard drive

Damage to the hard disk is always accompanied by characteristic symptoms. And the sooner they are identified, the better your chances of retrieving data from a corrupted hard drive in full. So carefully review the following list of signs of problems with the hard drive.

  • You get a message like this: “The disk is not formatted. Do you want to format now? ”,“ Sector not found ”, etc.
  • The logical disk is displayed as “RAW”.
  • File names contain characters that you did not create.
  • The computer starts to hang; the intervals between tasks are increased.
  • Some files disappear.
  • The hard drive itself may make strange sounds.

How can I start retrieving files from a corrupted hard drive? What software should I use to read a corrupted hard drive?

File recovery software for a corrupted hard disk

recover corrupted hard drive's files with Partition Recovery

DiskInternals Partition Recovery is professional software for recovering data from a corrupted hard drive. This is the best software on the market. For years, the company has worked to learn about its users’ wishes and problems that they face when starting to retrieve data from a corrupted hard drive.

Here are the main features of DiskInternals Partition Recovery:

  • It supports the following file systems: UFS, HFS, NTFS, XFS, Ext2/3/4, ReiserFS, FAT12, ReFS, and Reiser4.
  • It recovers all types of files, including documents, photos, videos, email, etc.
  • It can recover files up to 1 PB.
  • It retrieves data lost to sudden formatting, hard disk damage, virus attack, deletion, etc.
  • It has a built-in wizard that will accompany you at all stages of the process of retrieving files from a corrupted hard drive.
  • You can use the free trial version of the program and test its performance in action.
  • It runs on each of the hard disk partitions. The file system remains unchanged; rebuilding occurs only for deep data scanning.

Getting files back from a crashed hard disk

Here are detailed instructions for using DiskInternals Partition Recovery software to recover a corrupted hard drive. Follow step-by-step and very soon your data will be back.

Step 1. Download and run the trial version of DiskInternals Partition Recovery.

Step 2. The recovery wizard will start automatically. Select the disk.

Step 3. It is necessary to select the disk recovery wizard mode: “reader”, “uneraser” or “recovery”. To restore the files from the corrupted hard drive, it is recommended to select “recovery” (full recovery). Then click Next.

Step 4. In the new window, select the type of files to be restored. You can skip this step. After scanning, you can search by file type.

Step 5. Scan. This will take some time; wait for the process to complete.

Step 6. Preview and restore. To view the desired file being recovered, right-click and select “Preview in New Window”. Now you can be sure recovery, which will be done automatically, will be done accurately.

Step 7. Saving. Just purchase a license and enter the license key. No rescan and no reinstall required! Save the recovered data in a new, safe place to avoid overwriting data. Good luck!

Sincerely, DiskInternals!

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