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Maxtor Hard Drive Recovery: Guide

Maxtor Hard Drive Recovery

In this article you will find out:

  • how to recover the data
  • how to protect your data

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About Maxtor Drive

The Maxtor external hard drive has a high functionality, its capacity range can vary from 60 to 500 GB, so this option can be suitable for both ordinary users and professionals. The Maxtor external hard drive supports USB 2.0 connection, so the file transfer speed is 7200 rpm, while its dimensions allow you to comfortably carry the drive. This disk was invented by Seagate and can store huge amounts of a wide variety of data. However, like any other disk, it is susceptible to physical and logical damage. You could simply drop it accidentally and the disk's performance will be impaired. As for logical problems (system errors, driver problems, disk encryption by a virus, etc.), in this case the disk can be recovered. In addition, even large amounts of data can be recovered with the help of special professional applications.

Reasons Behind Maxor Drive Data Loss

Let's take a look at the most common causes of Maxtor external hard drive failures.

1. Improper removal and connection (incorrect cable connection) of the Maxtor hard drive may result in loss of data.

2. Encryption of files and their removal by viruses and any other malicious programs.

3. Incorrect and sudden shutdown of the operating system without proper data saving. The external hard drive will work properly and without data loss if the system is shut down properly.

4. Accidental unintentional deletion of files and folders on your hard drive can happen at any time, and sometimes you won't even be able to notice it.

5. Formatting a Maxtor hard drive without a backup will always erase the entire contents of the drive.

6. A power outage can not only damage the disk, but also cause loss of data.

7. Physical impact on the Maxtor hard drive due to a sudden drop or damage to the disk processor.

In addition, some actions with the external hard drive will also lead to data loss:

  • the next partition of the Maxtor hard drive - all saved data will be lost during the creation of new partitions,
  • the number of bad sectors being more than healthy sectors will also lead to data loss,
  • saving damaged files will damage the partition, and your data will become unreadable and inaccessible,
  • installing incompatible programs on your computer or installing programs incorrectly,
  • interruption of data transfer from the external hard drive Maxtor.

As mentioned above, you can recover any amount of data, regardless of the reason for its loss, using professional software, which will be discussed below.

Perform Deep Recovery with Partition Recovery!

So, with the most proven method of data recovery - DiskInternals Partition Recovery - you can recover your entire Maxtor external hard drive without any problems. (The amount of data that can be recovered reaches 1 PB.)

In addition, DiskInternals Partition Recovery has an excellent reputation for recovering data from any removable media and hard drives after data deletion, disk formatting, system errors, file system corruption, etc.

This program has a powerful built-in recovery wizard that allows not only professionals, but also for ordinary users, and even beginners to recover data. The good news is that there is a free trial of the utility that will show you how the application works from the inside, and also give you the ability to use the preview feature to make sure the files are being restored correctly.

As you can see, there are no risks with Partition Recovery, everything is extremely simple and straightforward.

The purchase of a license is required only for exporting files; in addition, you can create a disk image for free to save a successful system configuration with all data elsewhere. So don’t hesitate to download the app and enjoy all of its unique features, even for free!

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