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What should you do in case of Dxgkrnl.sys error?

What should you do when faced with the dxgkrnl.sys blue screen? Well, there are quite a couple of ways to get around this error, and they are explained below.

In this article you will find out:

  • how to get rid of Dxgkrnl.sys issue
  • how to save your data

Are you ready? Let's read!

1. Keep drivers up-to-date

One of the common causes of dxgkrnl.sys error is outdated graphics drivers.

To update your graphics card driver, get into Windows Device Manager, expand the graphics driver tab, right-click on the driver(s), and select “Update Driver.”

2. Turn off SLI

If your system uses an Nvidia graphics card, go to the Nvidia Control Panel and turn off the SLI configuration. SLI configuration is found in "3D Settings" in the Nvidia Control Panel.

3. Disable manufacturer’s software

The built-in Nvidia Surround feature is designed to boost the 3D audio experience on multiple screens. It is an impressive feature for gamers; however, in some cases, it is linked to being a cause of the System_Service_Exception dxgkrnl.sys error. Use these shortcuts to turn off Nvidia Surround: CTRL + ALT + S or CTRL + ALT + R.

4. Configure BIOS

Reboot the computer into BIOS mode and increase the graphics memory size to 128MB or higher. When you reboot to BIOS mode, lookout for Advanced >>> Advanced Chipset/Advanced Features >>> Graphics Settings/Video Settings >>> change the memory size.

5. Examine hardware

Another way to fix this error is to remove your hardware components and check for physical damages. If you find any, crash, crack, or other physical damages, look out for tips on how to fix them.

6. Try SFC /DISM

Run the SFC and DISM commands as a way of fixing this BSOD error. To run the commands, follow the guide below:

Open Command Prompt as admin,

Type this command: SFC /scannow,

Hit the “Enter” key to run it,

Allow the process to run completely,

Close the command prompt and reopen it to run the DISM command,

Type these commands:

  • DISM /online /Cleanup-Image / ScanHealth;
  • DISM /Online /Cleanup-Image /RestoreHealth.

Always hit the Enter key after typing each of them,

Restart your PC and see if the issue is fixed.

7. Troubleshoot

Windows come with a built-in “Blue Screen” troubleshooter, you can access it from Settings >>> Update & Settings >>> Troubleshoot >>> Blue Screen.

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