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Computer won't wake up from sleep in Windows 10? Fix it now!

Computer won't wake up from sleep

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About this issue

Quite often, users use hibernation mode in their work with a computer. This helps increase productivity, and you can keep programs running in the background, so you can resume right where you left off. After your computer wakes up from hibernation, all of your data is safe, even if you didn't save it before hibernation. However, there are situations when the computer cannot wake up from hibernation without a forced restart of the system. As noted by users, this happens more often after several hours in sleep mode. To fix this problem with Windows 10, you need to consider several solutions that are described in this article.

Computer won't wake up from sleep in Windows 10?


The built-in power troubleshooter will help you automatically solve your sleep problem.

You need to click the "Start" button and select the "Settings" icon. In the Settings app, select “Update & Security,” and in the left pane, click “Troubleshoot.” Next, go to the section “Fix and find other problems,” then select the power troubleshooter. Now launch it by following the instructions on the screen.

Also, the troubleshooter is available from the control panel:

In the "Search" box, enter "Control Panel". Launch the application and in the left pane select “View All,” then click “Power” and follow the instructions on the screen to complete the automatic fix for the “monitor won't wake up from sleep Windows 10” problem.

Work with drivers

Now you need to uninstall the drivers, including video adapters, and then reinstall them.

In the search bar, enter "Device Manager" and launch the device manager result. Right-click each adapter individually and click the “Uninstall Device” option. After uninstalling all drivers, go to the manufacturer's official web page and download the latest version of the drivers you want. After that, there should be no problems with hibernation.

Manage power preferences

To personalize and customize the way you shut down your computer, you can create a new power plan. You can choose the power settings that are right for you and forget about the problem “my computer won't wake up from sleep mode Windows 10.”

To do this, go to the Control Panel, enter “Power Options” in the search box, and select the result “Power Options.” In the new window, click “Select a power plan” and then click on “Create power plan.” The wizard will then guide you through configuring and defining a new power plan.

You can also check your power management settings. It is possible that certain power settings are preventing the computer from waking up.

Right-click on the Taskbar and select “Device Manager.”

Next, find the keyboard and mouse options, then right-click on the keyboard and select “Properties”. On the Power Management tab, pay attention to the option “Allow this device to wake up the computer”—it must be activated. If all is well, right-click “Mouse” and select “Properties.” On the Power Management tab, the “Allow this device to wake the computer” option must also be enabled. If not, check the box next to this function.

Close Device Manager and restart your computer.

Rollback OS updates

If you recently installed a Windows update, or the system updates automatically on a regular basis, you need to uninstall the latest update.

In other cases, you need to disable the Windows Update feature and apply the manual update option. In the Settings app, go to “Update & Security,” then open “Windows Update.”

Now, configure the updates manually in the “Advanced Options” menu.

Special commands

The powercfg.exe command should fix the problem that keeps your computer from waking up.

So, first, you need to start the command line as administrator, and then enter the command powercfg.exe/hibernate off in the command line and press “Enter.”

After restarting your computer, open “Command Prompt “again and type powercfg.exe/hibernate on and press “Enter.”

Hibernation should now work without interruption.

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