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Here is what to do if DirectX encountered an unrecoverable error

DirectX encountered an unrecoverable error

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About DirectX encountered an unrecoverable error

According to data from various sources, when opening games in Windows OS, the error DirectX has encountered an unrecoverable error that occurs most often with Call of Duty. This applies more to video games with cash on delivery, but also applies to other Windows games. So, what is DirectX software for? DirectX is a category of APIs (that is, application programming interfaces). APIs are needed for multimedia applications. Therefore, the most recent versions of DirectX offer you the best image quality in games of the Windows operating system. Now let's figure out how to solve the issue with DirectX encountering an unrecoverable error in Windows 10.

1. Reinstall the drivers for your graphics card

First, try reinstalling the drivers for your graphics card. Follow the next instruction step by step. Press the key combination Windows + R, the Run window will appear. Type dxdiag to open the DirectX Diagnostic Tool. Overwrite your graphics card, 32-bit or 64-bit operating system data in the display window. Visit the official website of your graphics card in the Drivers section or go to the download center hyperlink.

In the search bar, enter the name and number of your video card. Download the latest version of the video card driver compatible with your Windows OS. Then press the Windows + X key combination, and go to Device Manager.

Double-click on Video adapters, and select the required video card right-click to open the context menu. Here, select the Remove device option. Now, check the box next to delete driver settings for this device and click on the Delete tab. Reboot your operating system.

If a message appears asking you to define a video card, click Cancel. You just need to install the patch with the loaded video card in the explorer after unpacking the zip archive.

2. DirectX does not meet the minimum requirements

Also, the problem with modern warfare DirectX encountering an unrecoverable error appears if DirectX does not meet the minimum requirements for the game you need.

In this situation, updating DirectX will help resolve the error. However, a lot depends on the version of your Windows. For example, DirectX 12 is not supported by older versions of Windows except the 10 series.

The Microsoft DirectX End-User Runtime Web Installer will help you. It was created by the company to update DirectX versions to a more recent one. But, in order to get the DirectX 12 version, you will need to update the operating system itself to Windows 10.

With the Windows Update tool enabled, the system will automatically download and install the latest DirectX version. You also have the opportunity to manually check for new Windows updates yourself. To do this, go to the Run search bar and type control / name Microsoft.WindowsUpdate here and hit Enter. In the new window, select Check for Updates. And, in order to check if your version of DirectX meets the minimum system requirements for the game, go to the game page on Steam.

An alternative would be to open the developer's web page. Finding them will not take much effort - they are listed at the bottom of the page. Click on the link provided on the Steam page.

Then press the Windows + R hotkey combination and write dxdiag in the search bar and press Enter. A DirectX Diagnostic Utility will appear where you can find your PC's DirectX version under System.

3. Change video preferences

Another way to get rid of the annoying DirectX encountered with an unrecoverable error Windows 10 message is to change the display scaling settings. Try to adjust the number of dots per inch (DPI for short) yourself in Windows 10. Start by right-clicking on the free space on the desktop and select the line Image settings.

Click on Custom Scaling to enter a specific DPI scale value. In the text box, type 100 in case it doesn't match the current DPI value, and click Apply. Then, press the Enter key for the changes to take effect. If you have Windows 8, adjust the scale slider all the way to the left.

4.Work with registry

To solve the problem of DirectX encountering an unrecoverable error mw2 using the registry, press the hotkeys simultaneously Windows + R and type the value Regedit in the line and press Enter. In the window that opens, find the path Computer HKEY_CLASSES_ROOTPROTOCOLSFiltertext / XML. Click the File and Export tab. Type in the name of the file and click Save.

In this way, you will create a backup copy of the selected registry key. Right-click the text / XML, and click on Delete. Confirm the action. Close the registry window and check if the DirectX has encountered an unrecoverable error message disappears.

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