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How to get rid of error code 0xc1900101: brief guide

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In this article you will find out:

  • about error code 0xc1900101
  • how to protect your data

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About error code 0xc1900101

Typically, error code 0xc1900101 is a common driver error that occurs when users try to update their OS.

There are several factors that can trigger the error code 0xc1900101, including:

  • The latest driver updates are not installed on the PC
  • The installed drivers are incompatible with the latest version of Windows 10

This error means that system updates will be prevented from being implemented. To fix it, you need to take immediate measures, which are described in this article

1. Check your drivers

There are several ways to check for problematic drivers and remove them:

  • 1. Open your local drive (C: \ Windows) and find the folder you want to open. Next, open the files “Setuperr.log” and “Setupact.log” and manually locate the problematic drivers that you need to remove. Note: You must be the owner to access “Setuperr.log” and “Setupact.log”.
  • 2. From the Start menu, click on the search box and type “Device Manager”. Click on the first result. Next, in Device Manager, expand the list of devices. The problematic driver will be marked with a yellow exclamation mark. Right-click this driver and select “Update Driver Software”. You will now install the latest updates. If you want to get rid of this driver, click "Uninstall" and wait for the process to complete.

2. Delete your antivirus and other problematic software

It is possible that your antivirus program is interfering with the driver. If so, just get rid of this application by uninstalling it. If the problem is resolved, then choose another antivirus application that does not cause similar problems.

In addition, if you recently installed a questionable application on your computer, you also need to get rid of it, as it most likely carries a threat to your computer.

3. Disconnect devices

Often, successful installation of the latest version of Windows 10 is only possible after disconnecting all peripheral devices from the computer.

Disconnect peripheral devices one by one to determine which device is causing the Windows Update error code 0xc1900101.

If removing all devices did not give positive results, then try the next method.

4. Take RAM out of the network card

Additional RAM can be the cause of unsuccessful system updates, so remove a RAM module and try installing Windows 10 again.

5. Attempt an SFC scan

Go to Start and type “cmd” into the search box to open Command Prompt as an administrator. Enter the command “sfc / scannow”, press Enter and wait patiently for the scanning process to complete.

SFC easily handles most system errors; you most likely will be able to perform an upgrade after scanning.

6. Turn off your LAN card

A wireless adapter or Ethernet adapter can trigger Windows 10 update error code 0xc1900101. In this case, immediately disable the onboard LAN in the BIOS. Enter the BIOS, then find and disable the Onboard LAN option. Now boot in the usual way and proceed with the system update.

7. Upgrade BIOS

Your BIOS may be outdated and need to be updated. In this case, until you update it, error code 0xc1900101 will occur. Remember, updating the BIOS can be dangerous, so first make you know everything there is to know the process, and only then proceed with updating the BIOS.

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