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Step-by-step guide on how to disable igfxtray

How to disable igfxtray

In this article you will find out:

  • how to disable igfxtray
  • how to protect your data

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About the igfxtray error

The Igfxtray module is one of the Intel Common User Interface components and is part of the Graphics Media Accelerator driver. In order to get quick access to the Intel Graphics configuration, you can use the Intel icon on the taskbar.

However, there are situations whereby an unexpected error message appears when you are trying to access Igfxtray: igfxtray.exe igfxtray module stopped working. In this case, the first thing you should do is work with the Intel Graphics drivers. They should be updated if the drivers are out of date; uninstall or reinstall if the drivers are damaged or incorrectly installed.

How to interact with it?

Many users have a question whether it is worth running Igfxtray.exe at system startup. In general, running Igfxtray.exe allows you to quickly access the Intel Graphics configuration utility. Therefore, if there is no need to frequently change the settings, there is no point in running Igfxtray at startup.

Plus, under certain circumstances, you can disable this feature altogether. For example, when your system is overloaded with information or often freezes, disabling the igfxtray.exe igfxtray module will not affect the workflow in any way, as this non-essential software acts as a shortcut to the Intel Graphics configuration software.

Therefore, if you want to disable this software, do the following:

Press Ctrl + Shift + Esc. In the Task Manager, go to the Startup tab; then find Igfxtray and right-click it. Now, select Disable and restart your computer.

After that, the Igfxtray file will no longer run with your computer.

Also, some users are concerned about the security of the igfxtray.exe file. Seeing this icon on the taskbar, many people believe that this is a malicious application and rush to get rid of it. You should be assured that this file is absolutely legal and safe. This application is based on Intel and is used to quickly launch the Intel Graphics Utility.

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