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If the Computer Freezes When Playing Games

Here you will find out:

  • why the PC/laptop freezes when playing games on Windows 10
  • how the issue can be fixed
  • how DiskInternals can help you

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Issue: the computer freezes when I play games on Windows 10

The computer freezes during playing games on Windows 10

This problem appears only when playing the game and not elsewhere.

That is, your PC freezes when you are gaming and this forces you to restart the game or even the entire system, since there is no other option. And of course you didn’t save your game, since this usually happens suddenly. Sometimes, even service centers cannot explain what is happening and you are left to deal with the whole problem yourself.

If you are an avid game player and you can’t imagine life without games, then the tips in this article will help save you from the problem of “PC freezes while gaming”.

Method 1. Boot in safe mode

To do this, log into the system in safe mode and start playing the game here.

The essence of this method is simple: safe mode uses standard graphic editors and OS drivers; therefore, if the game operates without hovering and crashes, it means the reason is in the drivers.

And if your computer crashes when playing games continues, you can safely leave safe mode and look for another reason and a way to solve it.

Method 2. Run SFC when your PC freezes during playing games

This utility searches for errors that occur and removes or fixes them automatically.

It takes a few minutes; you only need to have administrator rights for this procedure. In the command line, type this: “sfc / scannow”. Next, just press Enter and wait patiently. Once the process is complete, the utility will give you the results, good or bad. In any case, restart the computer and try the game again.

No success? Then move on.

Method 3. Update drivers on your Windows

Drivers can interfere with games and outdated drivers may well cause a computer freeze during games. Therefore, do an automatic update of them: Go to Settings, then Update and Security. After that, click on the Update Center section and look for active updates. Even better, install updates automatically so that drivers are always up to par.

Also, any necessary updates can be found on the manufacturer’s website, which can be downloaded and installed on the computer after it is rebooted.

Method 4. Check your computer for signs of trouble

These include:

  • Is your computer overheating? The bigger the game, the more it requires computer resources, so it can quickly overheat (this applies more to older computers).
  • Check the hard drive for any corruption; there may be a problem with it.
  • Perhaps your computer is overloaded with information and does not have enough space; remove, for example, temporary files, as this can help.
  • Another smart and proven tip: pay attention to the voltage levels on the processor / motherboard. If you lack the skills to do this, refer this question to specialists.

Perhaps one of these methods will work and you are already playing your games without trouble.

Method 5. Add virtual memory

Adding RAM can prevent computers from freezing during game sessions.

The greater the virtual memory, the more complex games you can play. Most likely, you will not be disappointed by this method and will be happy to advise this to your gamer friends.

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