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Guide on how to fix 'remote device won't accept the connection' issue

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  • how to deal with this issue
  • how to protect your data

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About this issue

One of the errors in Windows 10, “remote device or resource won't accept the connection” can occur due to many reasons:

  • Proxy server setting activated.
  • Change settings in Microsoft Edge web browser, Google Chrome, etc.
  • Change your antivirus default settings.
  • Change firewall settings.
  • IP configuration problems.

Usually, you try to access a web page, but nothing comes out and you see the message “The web page cannot be displayed.” You will be prompted to diagnose the error and, as a result, the following message will appear on the screen: The remote device or resource does not accept the connection.

This problem does not apply to a specific browser, it can occur in Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, etc. Therefore, the solution methods for all browsers are the same, let's figure it out.

1. Examine proxy settings

Try disabling proxy settings by pressing Windows + R and entering inetcpl.cpl; press Enter. Then go to the Connections tab and select the LAN settings field. Go to the "Local Area Network Settings" window and uncheck the "Use a proxy server for your local network" box.

Next, check the automatic detection of settings and apply these changes.

After that, restart your web browser and try loading the problematic web page.

2. Work with browser

Try resetting Microsoft Edge or any of your other browsers to factory settings.

To do this, in the Internet options, go to the Advanced tab and click the "Reset" button.

Confirm your actions and wait for a factory reset.

3. Change IP address

If the previous methods were not as effective, drop the IP address. Enter cmd in the search field and select Run as administrator to open a command prompt with privileged rights.

Nextenter ipconfig / release, press Enter and wait for the command to execute.

Then enter another command: ipconfig / Renew and press Enter.

Once the command is completed, close the cmd window and try reconnecting.

4. Disable antivirus

Disable antivirus protection, and then at least temporarily disable the firewall to ensure that these applications do not interfere with the connection.

After that try to connect to the network and if everything works any errors change the antivirus settings or install a new antivirus.

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