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An expert tool for recovering lost partitions
An expert tool for recovering lost partitions

About CLI and data safety

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About The CLI

The CLI is a command line, console, and character user interface (CUI) user interface. This interface uses a command line shell, it takes the commands entered and converts them into the corresponding functions of the operating system.

Before the advent of the graphical user interface (GUI), the CLI was one of the most popular.

From the 1960s to the 1980s, the CLI was the primary means of interacting with most computer systems on computer terminals. However, this does not mean that the CLI is completely obsolete; on the contrary, it is still important that the GUI operating system retains the optional line interface.

Nowadays, all system administrators and software developers very often use the command line interface in order to more efficiently perform tasks, access software functions, and configure functions of their machine that are not available through the graphical interface.

How to Use This Service

Even experienced users may run into some problems using the CLI:

  • Inconvenience for the user, as the command line interface requires memorizing certain commands in order to perform any necessary operation.
  • The need to use online user guides. In some cases, the user is satisfied with the usual "help" parameter, which provides an overview of the command parameters.
  • Lack of graphic improvements (graphic fonts or advanced editing Windows).

Along with these inconveniences, there are many advantages to using the CLI that are used by system administrators and power users.

  • The CLI is faster than the graphical user interface due to the fact that the graphical interfaces must cost more processing power.
  • Storage script for automating routine tasks. The OS uses CLI support to store frequently used sequences in disk files - this preserves command line history and allows you to view or repeat commands.
  • Full control over the operating system or all applications.
  • Saving computer system resources compared to graphical user interface.
  • Use of the command line interface also by visually impaired users.

Make Sure Your Data is Safe While Working

If you have unavailable, deleted, corrupted, encrypted files, or you need to recover data from the drive, you can install the application DiskInternals Partition Recovery. It is specially designed to restore both the entire disc, and its individual sections. It works on each of your disk partitions and performs a thorough search for over 99.99% of all contents. Partition Recovery can easily cope with the recovery of any type of data in any difficult case:

  • Formatting
  • Virus attack
  • Logical damage to the hard drive
  • Accidental or deliberate deletion
  • Operating system errors in various stressful situations

To use this software, you just need to download it from the official website and open it on your computer, and the built-in Recovery Wizard will do the rest for you. In addition, for the safety of customers, DiskInternals has developed a free trial that you can use right now and very soon you will see that your files are not available.

Tutorial: How to recover damaged and deleted files from your hard drive using DiskInternals Partition Recovery:

  1. 1. Download and install DiskInternals Partition Recovery on your device (Windows computer or laptop).
  1. 2. The Recovery Wizard will start automatically (or open it on its own) and ask you to select the basic data search parameters.
  1. 3. The scanning process will start (it can be a full or quick search); wait until the process of searching for your files and folders is complete.
  1. 4. Preview allows you to view all found files and folders for free, just like in Explorer, by right-clicking the file and choosing Preview in new Window.
  1. 5. To save and export recovered files, you just need to buy a license, enter a license key, and activate the Export Wizard.

After that, you will also have full access to technical support for a full year.

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