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Xbox One: recover saved games' files and their video!

In this article, you will find out:

  • how to increase the recovery chances for deleted Xbox One files
  • 3 recovery methods
  • how DiskInternals can help you

Are you ready? Let's read!

Is it possible to restore lost game files?

Recovery of deleted data from an Xbox One hard drive is possible! This is very good news for gamers, because, sometimes, one game wanted to be played for several months. And if it is lost? Only a true player will understand the pain that arises when a favorite game has disappeared.

So, congratulations, you still have a chance to recover files from an Xbox One hard drive.

How to increase the odds of recovery on Xbox One

recover deleted Xbox One files with Partition Recovery

The main rule that will help you to recover deleted or lost data from an Xbox One hard drive is to stop using the Xbox One’s HDD until the data is retrieved. In other words, overwriting data, which can occur at any point in disk usage, will adversely affect remote games. You can hardly ever retrieve them.

In addition, proper use of the console ensures you there will be no mechanical damage on the Xbox One. It will also increase your chances of recovering files from an Xbox One hard drive.

And finally, one more tip: save all the recovered files in a new safe place; it will also prevent data overwriting.

Now it's time to talk about how to restore saved games lost on Xbox One.

Method 1. Perform Xbox One hard drive recovery

Recovering data from an Xbox One hard drive is quite an easy task, provided you have Partition Recovery.

The Recovery Wizards from this software will help you at all stages of recovery. This tool will help you to retrieve the game’s files in any format, regardless of the reason it was lost. This is excellent software that can be used not only by professionals but also by beginners. You can simply download the free version of the program and use it, practice with it and make sure that it is the best option for recovering files from an Xbox One hard drive.

Also, do not forget to use the step by step instructions that are attached below.

Step 1. Launch the DiskInternals Partition Recovery to restore Xbox One saved games’ files that were lost.

Step 2. The Recovery Wizard will start automatically, but in case if you skipped that step - you can just click on the Wizard hat button and it will launch again. You just need to select the disk recovery wizard mode: “reader”, “uneraser” or “recovery”. Since all your data stays intact while Partition Recovery works with it, you can try every mode and check which one is most helpful for you.

Step 3. Scan. That can take some time, depending on the recovery mode and HDD size.

Step 4. Preview (free feature). Right-click on the found file and select "Preview in New Window." Recover files on an Xbox One hard drive automatically.

Step 5. Saving. Just purchase a license and enter the license key.

That's all! Your games are back online and you can play them right now, or else use Method 2 to check sectors on the Xbox One hard drive.

In case if you need to restore not the games’ files, but only video record of the way you play, you can try more simple software for this purpose - DiskInternals Video Recovery.

Method 2. Run chkdsk on Xbox One hard drive

To fix bad sectors on your Xbox One hard drive, run chkdsk. You ask: why do you need to do this after restoring a file on an Xbox One hard drive?

The answer obvious: chkdsk can cause damage to recoverable files (those that were deleted but are able to be recovered). This utility will surely cut recoverable data to 512 KB and fixing it will not work. So before you make things even worse, remember this is one of the most important features of chkdsk.

Method 3. Reload your games

There is an alternative method to restore Xbox One lost game data. However, it will take a very long time and the more remote games you have, the more this method will take up your free time.

This is a very simple method: reloading all games. You first need to go to Xbox One, and then to Settings. Choose your account and go to the download page. Now select the lost games from the list of downloaded games and click on the Download button again. Wait until the process is complete and then enjoy the game.

Have a safe future with Xbox One: copy and save data to USB!

By copying the files, you make them inviolable and safe. Here is the algorithm on how to do it on the Xbox:

Enter the Settings, and then choose System -> Storage.

Next, you select the media on where the content is to be copied (it can be any kind of storage device from the USB drive to the cloud).

The next step is to choose the type of content you want to copy. It can be games, profiles, videos, music, etc. After that, select the file you want to copy and click the copy button. At the same time, select the place where the file will be copied.

After that, if your game disappears somewhere, you can always use the backup. You will agree it is very convenient.

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