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Here is everything you need to know about crdownload file

crdownload file

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About the crdownload file

If you are using Google Chrome, you have probably seen files with the extension “.crdownload ” in your download list. You should know that Google Chrome creates it whenever you download files from the Internet. Therefore, if the files are downloaded successfully, these .crdownload files are automatically renamed; but in the event of any error (closing the browser, shutting down the computer, etc.), they may remain.

For example, you upload a music file named “sing.mp3” to Google Chrome, then the file “sing.mp3” appears in your download list in Chrome, and a file named “sing.mp3.crdownload” appears in your Downloads folder. The last file will grow in size as the file is downloaded, and when Chrome has finished downloading the entire file, Chrome will rename it to “sing.mp3”. The .crdownload file extension will be removed; but if something goes wrong, this file extension will remain.

Google Chrome automatically generates .crdownload files for your downloads. This way, you can verify if the download is not complete yet by looking for the .crdownload file extension. Unlike other programs, Google Chrome stores the unfinished file in the Download category. If you come across a .crdownload file extension, it will tell you that the file is being downloaded. You can view the .crdownload file in the Downloads bar at the bottom of the Chrome window, or by clicking the menu and choosing Downloads. Try not to delete this file; otherwise, the download error may occur. Let Google Chrome finish the download process. Naturally, if you don't need to download this file, just delete it and Google Chrome will remove the .crdownload file itself.

If you don't delete this .crdownload file, then Chrome can resume downloading with this file. To do this, open the Downloads page in Chrome and click the Resume button. In this case, the program will try to continue downloading from where it left off and add the rest of the file to the .crdownload file. But resuming does not always help to complete the installation due to a number of errors and problems with the Internet. Then, it is better to start downloading the file from the very beginning.

Should I remove it?

If you do not need the .crdownload file and do not intend to resume the download, you can delete it at any time. For example, the Downloads folder might have two files with the same name and one with a .crdownload extension. In this case, this incomplete file can be deleted.

When browsing your Downloads folder, you can probably find old and unnecessary files with the file extension .crdownload; feel free to delete them. This should be done regularly so that your Downloads folder does not overflow. If you are downloading a file and for some reason, it does not download properly, open the Download Manager in Chrome and download it again. In other words, the .crdownload file can be a reminder that you wanted to download the file but did not receive it.

Protect Your Data

With DiskInternals Partition Recovery, you can recover deleted, damaged data on any disk. In addition, for absolutely all users, there is a mode for reading inaccessible files. You can safely open any protected folder and view its contents; the app will open files of any type and any size, so don't even worry about it.

The well-thought-out Recovery Wizard will show you all the possible functions of the program and, if necessary, will help you recover and save files to any source of information. DiskInternals Partition Recovery is compatible with many file systems: HFS, FAT12, ReFS, UFS, NTFS, etc.

Try a free version of DiskInternals, then you can visually try out all the available functions of the program. In this case, if there is no need to save the found files; this version will be sufficient. If you like the program and want to continue working, purchase a license of DiskInternals Partition Recovery.

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