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What if your PC is stuck while resetting

So, you are trying to reset your PC running on Windows 10, but the process stopped at a point. There are a few possible ways to beat this error. If you're stuck or you have a friend who's stuck while trying to reset a Windows 10 PC, follow this guide to fixing it.

Here you will find out:

  • if it is possible for you to fix the problem if Windows 10 is stuck while resetting
  • 5 methods on how to fix this problem
  • how DiskInternals Partition Recovery can help you

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Can you fix the problem if Windows 10 is stuck while resetting?

With over 400 million users globally, Microsoft Windows 10 is widely used. However, there are quite a lot of bugs experienced by people using this Windows version. It is possible to fix the problem of Windows 10 stuck in recovery mode following the tips shared below. You shouldn’t be scared or think of taking your PC to a technician; follow these handy tips here to solve the issue.

Fix 1. Keep patience and leave the process running

Sometimes, if you just keep waiting, the process may start moving again after some delay. There are likely many factors that can prevent the reset process from continuing, and by waiting for some time, your PC may automatically fix these issues and continue with the process. Most especially, if your PC has a hard drive with an LED indicator, and this indicator is still blinking, simply leave the PC and return to check on it after a couple of hours. If possible, leave it to run overnight.

Fix 2. Check your Internet connection

If you have an active Internet connection on the Windows 10 PC, this can possibly lead to Windows reset getting stuck. Quite a lot of users have testified that this fix worked for them. So, all you have to do is to disconnect the Ethernet cable or turn off the house Wi-Fi.

Fix 3. Repair your computer

Have you considered running Startup Repair? You can also fix the error of Windows getting stuck while resetting by launching Startup Repair using bootable media. Here, you will have to boot your PC from bootable media (either a disk or USB drive). Once the computer tries to boot, select Repair Your Computer >>> Troubleshoot >>> Advanced Options >>> Startup Repair.

Restart the computer normally after the repair is successful.

Fix 4. Run Command Prompt

Another way to fix it when Windows 10 is stuck in recovery mode is by running the following command in Command Prompt. However, you need to boot from bootable media and go to Repair Your Computer >>> Troubleshoot >>> Advanced Options >>> Command Prompt, then enter the commands below:

Restart the computer afterward.

Fix 5. You can reinstall the Windows system

Reinstalling Windows 10 on the PC can also help to fix this issue. Some users have reported that this method works for them; you can try it too. If you can’t reinstall Windows, kindly call for help from professionals.

Important notice:

There’s every possibility that you will lose all the files and documents saved on the affected computer during the Windows reinstallation process. Thus, it is strongly advisable to install partition recovery software to help protect your partitions from vanishing. DiskInternals Partition Recovery is a comprehensive free tool that helps to safeguard partitions when reinstalling Windows on a computer; thus, no data or file will be lost. Also, DiskInternals Partition Recovery is designed to recover already lost partitions.

How can DiskInternals Partition Recovery help you?

Simply, what the software does is to help create a disk image file that would store all data from your hard disk and partitions. This is like creating a copy of all the files and data on the HDD to a virtual image file.

After creating an image file using DiskInternals Partition Recovery, you can now reinstall Windows on the affected PC and be assured that all your documents, files, and data are 100% intact.

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