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Issue: Xbox One stuck on a green screen.

Here you will find out:

  • why does Xbox One is stuck on a green screen
  • the solutions for this issue
  • when DiskInternals can help you

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Xbox One is stuck on a green screen: Why does this happen?

The reasons for your Xbox One freezing on startup and getting stuck on a green screen may come from various sources:

  • Impaired communication between the Windows server and Xbox One.
  • Physical damage to your Xbox One hard drive.
  • Errors during the system update.

And sadly, sometimes the factors that caused the error cannot be determined at all.

Tested solutions for fixing an Xbox One stuck on a “green screen of death”

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Here are some accepted ways to get rid of the Xbox One “green screen of death”:

Hard reset. Press and hold the power button on the console for a few seconds to restart the system. This should be enough to get rid of the problem.

System update. On the official Xbox website, select the game you want, click “System” and select the “System Update” tab. Next, scroll down and download "OSUDT2" to your USB drive, then install the update on your Xbox One.

Complete factory reset. Press and hold the Eject and Sync buttons while pressing the Power button. After two beeps, you will see a menu with settings. Select "Reset to factory settings". Then, in the new window, select “Save installed games”. After that, the factory reset will continue.

What should you do if the green screen is caused by hard disk corruption?

First, you need to repair any damaged Xbox One files. The easiest, safest, and most reliable way is to recover them using DiskInternals Partition Recovery. Search and recovery results will be even better if you start recovery as early as possible so that data overwriting won't harm you.

DiskInternals Partition Recovery is an excellent software tool that can be used not only by professionals but also by beginners. This is possible thanks to the Recovery Wizard. Its timely tips will always be useful and will not leave you confused. The app recovers all files from damaged Xbox One hard drives thanks to deep scans and thorough data searches on each disk partition.

To use this application, download it from the company's website and install it on your computer. Open it and immediately launch the Wizard. It will offer to select a search location, the type of files to scan, and the scan mode itself (fast, full, or read mode).

After scanning, start browsing the search results for free.

If everything suits you perfectly, buy a license also on the company's website and export the data to a reliable storage device.

Further, after saving your data, you can try to fix the damaged disk yourself.

This can be done using the chkdsk utility, which handles damaged disks at the highest level. And now that the data has been recovered, it does not matter at all that chkdsk cuts the data into small pieces during its operation.

Note: You can also reload any unavailable games by going to Xbox One Settings. But it may take you a lot of time, perhaps even more than one day.

Be careful! Good luck to you!

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