Restore any deleted or corrupted file from NTFS, FAT32/exFAT/FAT, APFS, etc.

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Restore any deleted or corrupted file from NTFS, FAT32/exFAT/FAT, APFS, etc.

Convert Tiff to PDF

Tiff is an image format for storing bitmap graphics (for example, artistic images). In addition, photographers use this format to save their images, as Tiff is more suitable for certain types of photographs.

Convert on macOS

If you are a Mac user, you can use both graphical user interface and command line methods to convert Tiff to PDF.

Let's take a look at each of these methods:

Method 1. Using the built-in macOS tool, it is possible to convert .tiff to PDF, not just view the files. To do this, you need to make a few clicks in the program and the quality of your original file will be preserved in the output PDF file.

So, find the Tiff file and open it in a preview program.

Next, click the "File" menu and click "Export". In a new dialog box, you can change the conversion options. In this case, click the "Format" button and select "PDF" or choose other options of your choice and finally click the "Save" button.

Method 2. You can also use a command line based utility to help you convert Tiff to PDF.

So, open "Terminal" and run the following commands:

cook install imagemagick, press Enter.

brew install imagemagick, press Enter.

cd desktop, press Enter.

convert source.tiff output.pdf press Enter (here source.tiff is the name of the file).

Your files are now correctly converted.

Convert on Windows

If you are a Windows 10 owner, you have built-in tools that allow you to convert PDF to Tiff.

For example, you can use the built-in PDF printer on your computer.

So, open the Tiff image with Windows Photo Viewer and click Print. In the next dialog box, select the Printer menu and click Microsoft Print to PDF. Next, specify the size and quality of the paper, select "Full Page Photo". Then click "Print" and the application will start converting your Tiff file to PDF. Then select a folder to save the file and click "Save".

Convert online

If you only need to convert a few files, you can easily use one of the online tools.

Two of the most common options will be offered here:

Smallpdf is a full-featured web application that helps you convert files from many formats to PDFs.

So, go to the Smallpdf website, click the Select Files button, then specify the various options for converting the Tiff file. After that just click "Convert" and when the PDF is ready click "Download".

Zamzar is a web-based file conversion tool that also supports converting Tiff to PDF. Open the file, upload the Tiff file you want to convert to PDF, select “PDF” from the next menu, and then click “Convert Now”. After completing this process, click the Download button.

Protect your project

DiskInternals Uneraser can be a great help if you need to protect your data. There is not only the recovery mode, but also other modes, for example:

- the mode of reading inaccessible files - you can safely open any protected folder and get acquainted with its contents.

- disk imaging mode - you can have a copy of your system with all the data.

You can lose data as a result of a variety of circumstances: system errors, virus attacks, bad sectors, etc. - as a result, you can recover any damaged information using the deep scan mode. Thoughtful to the smallest detail, the Recovery Wizard will certainly show you all the available functions of the program and will help you export files if necessary. Also, DiskInternals Uneraser is compatible with many file systems: FAT32, HFS, FAT12, ReFS, UFS, NTFS, etc.

You can use a free trial version of the program - if you do not need to save the found folders and files, this version will be enough. Once the scan is complete, you will be able to see the data search and recovery results for free, and then, based on your own conclusions, you will decide whether to buy a license or not.

If you purchase a licensed version of the application, you will have the opportunity to use the application for life, plus the company will provide you with a unique bonus - technical support for a year after purchasing the license.

Use the following instructions to recover data using DiskInternals Uneraser:

1. Download and run the trial or licensed version of the application on your Windows device.

2. The Repair Disk Wizard will start automatically immediately in the welcome window.

3. Select the required drive, then select the recovery mode: read, fast recovery (Uneraser) or full recovery.

4. Scanning may take some time; please wait patiently.

5. To access the preview, select the "Preview Recovered Files" feature - this feature is completely free for customers of any version of the application.

6. Buy a license for DiskInternals Uneraser and get access to data export. Select a new location to save the recovered files and follow the further instructions.

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