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What is NVRAM Files and How to Use Them

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  • what are NVRAM peculiarities
  • when DiskInternals can help you

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What is NVRAM?

NVRAM files

VMware NVRAM is a file format that contains the saved state of the BIOS of a virtual machine in a form similar to non-volatile memory.

This file is used by VMware virtualization software and makes up the architecture of the virtual machine.

Therefore, it in no case needs to be opened or edited manually without the need.

You should be aware that, if necessary, the NVRAM file can be opened with VMware Workstation 8 on Windows and Linux.

The binary format of this file means that if it is deleted, then the VM will be recreated when you turn it on again.

NVRAM file is independent of the power supply, so information is saved even when the computer is turned off.

What you shouldn't do with NVRAM

Do not rename the extension of this file because it will not lead to anything. Only certain software can convert one file format to another. Therefore, do not waste time; it is useless.

Types of NVRAM

Different kinds of NVRAM are now available for all PCs. The RTC/NVRAM on your computer motherboard is a battery-backed NVRAM that charges and stores system settings like the date and time using the CMOS battery.

The EEPROM, which is used for the BIOS in many computers, is another good example of NVRAM in computers. Non-volatile memory includes your hard drive and other storage devices.

NVRAMs such as ferroelectric RAM, FeRAM, or F-RAM, and magneto resistive RAM, or MRAM, are also employed in a variety of applications.

Why are the advantages and disadvantages of NVRAM?


  • NVRAM has no moving parts and is faster than volatile memory for both reading and writing.
  • With less moving parts, NVRAM requires much less power.


  • NVRAM that requires a battery that will eventually need to have the battery replaced.
  • As information is re-written to flash memory, it deteriorates and will eventually no longer work.

How to Reset Your NVRAM?

As mentioned above, accidentally or deliberately deleting, there is nothing wrong with the NVRAM file. When you turn on the Virtual Machine again, it will be recreated, and this will happen automatically.

Is it possible to open the NVRAM file?

With correctly configured parameters, the NVRAM file should open when you double-click it with the left mouse button. If it does not happen, you will need an additional application, and most likely you have it on your computer, it’s just not connected with it yet.

Therefore, the next time you open the NVRAM file, just tell the system which application to use next.

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