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Recover data from damaged or formatted VMFS disks or VMDK files

ESXCLI commands: What are they?

Here you will find out:

  • whether ESXi has its own ESXCLI commands or not
  • what ESXCLI commands are
  • how DiskInternals software can help you

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Does ESXi have its own ESXCLI commands?

Yes, VMware ESXi has its ESXCLI commands, which can be entered into a command-line interface (CLI) to adjust certain settings. Also, ESXi supports some traditional Linux commands for the same operations they are used to initiate on Linux distros. This article will list the most useful ESXCLI commands, and how you can recover data from VMFS-formatted drives easily.

What are ESXCLI commands?

ESXCLI is the command-line interface of the ESXi shell; it works similarly to every other command-line framework. However, since ESXi is for virtual servers, the ESXCLI commands appear differently and must be run through the ESXi console.

There are a lot of ESXCLI commands; you can get them by entering a command into the CLI. ESXCLI commands have namespaces and options; they are also case-sensitive. ESXCLI is automatically installed during the ESXi installation.

ESXCLI commands come in handy when faced with challenging scenarios where basic remote management or CLI tools can’t help out.

To find ESXCLI, use the command(s) below.

which esxcli

ls -l /sbin/esxcli

The ESXICLI script is written in Python and usually is installed in the /sbin/ directory. To view its content, you will need a text editor, such as the built-in VI editor. Below is a great list of ESXICLI commands.

List of ESXCLI commands

It is important to note that the ESXCLI commands you can view/use is dependent on the ESXi version you are running.

The most popular commands:

esxcli deviceLists descriptions of device commands.
esxcli esxcliLists descriptions of esxcli commands.
esxcli fcoeFCOE (Fibre Channel over Ethernet) comands
esxcli graphicsGraphics commands
esxcli hardwareHardware namespace. Used primarily for extracting information about the current system setup.
esxcli iscsiiSCSI namespace for monitoring and managing hardware and software iSCSI.
esxcli networkNetwork namespace for managing virtual networking including virtual switches and VMkernel network interfaces.
esxcli nvmeCommands for managing NVMe devices.
esxcli rdmaCommands for monitoring RDMA devices.
esxcli schedManage the shared system-wide swap space.
esxcli softwareSoftware namespace. Includes commands for managing and installing image profiles and VIBs.
esxcli storageIncludes core storage commands and other storage management commands.
esxcli systemSystem monitoring and management command.
esxcli vmNamespace for listing virtual machines and shutting them down forcefully.
esxcli vsanNamespace for vSAN management commands. See the vSphere Storage publication for details.
Full list of ESXCLI commands

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