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Recovers all types of corrupted RAID arrays

Defragmenting RAID: To Do or Not To Do

Here you will find out:

  • should you defrag a RAID
  • what you need to know before defragmenting RAID
  • when DiskInternals can help you

Are you ready? Let's read!

What is defragmentation?

RAID defragmentation is the process of collecting fragmented disk components in a designated position in order to optimize the performance of the entire array as a whole.

Defragmentation has several key advantages:

  • It accelerates the process of writing and reading on array disks.
  • It accelerates the search and launch of most applications.
  • It increases the performance of the array.

All this is due to the defragmentation mechanism itself - it removes the “gaps” that result from using (deleting information, moving it, etc.) free disk space. As a result, the search for the requested information is much faster.

Recent versions of Windows already have this feature in automatic mode. However, double-checking is still worth it.

Defrag RAID or not?

Defrag RAID or not

If your RAID consists of the HDD, the defragmentation will be highly relevant to the optimization of the array and accelerate its robot. Here, if the array consists of an SSD - no, defragmentation will bring more disadvantages than advantages. And that's why!

If you defragment your SSD, you can, of course, feel the better performance. However, be prepared for the fact that the array is likely to be damaged in the near future. The fact is that a fragmented SSD wears out much faster. By the way, the TRIM command was developed specifically for SSD drives, which the controller needs to clear most of the unused blocks of flash memory.

The only justifiable option for defragmenting SSDs is the old SSD, which you were about to replace soon. Then for some time, the array will be nimble.

As for flash drives and any removable drives - for them, defragmentation is not shown at all. This action will lead to very fast damage to such disks due to the fact that the number of write/read cycles they have is fixed, and unfortunately, this figure is always small. It is unlikely that you will want to purposefully destroy the drives.

What you need to know before defragmenting RAID

Defragmenting RAID (it doesn’t matter, defrag RAID 5 or defrag RAID 3, etc.) will not give you more opportunity to recover files where it was still possible. Therefore, before defragmenting RAID, be sure to use this opportunity and restore all the necessary files.

Save your recoverable data before defragmentation

DiskInternals RAID Recovery is exactly the application that you need before defragmenting the array.

The program will not only correctly restore all the necessary information, but will also help to create a disk image for an emergency. The application works with all levels of raids while automatically determining all the required parameters - this, in turn, will greatly facilitate your life. In addition, you can immediately use the services of the Recovery Wizard, and then you just need to follow the instructions of this assistant without making any efforts. If you are restoring files, you should definitely use the Preview files before exporting.

This feature is free and required, as DiskInternals values its reputation and saves you from unnecessary purchases. If you liked the search and recovery results, then it's time to purchase a license and complete the export of this data to another data storage device.

Also, put into practice the instructions for DiskInternals RAID Recovery:

Download and install the application on your PC, then run it.

Open the Recovery Wizard, if necessary.

Select the array to scan from the list provided.

Click on the desired scan mode: Uneraser(preferable), Reader, or Recovery.

Wait until the results appear on the monitor screen, and then view them for free (right-click on the Preview function).

Buy a license and use the Export Wizard to complete this last step of saving data.

Be careful and patient, then you will succeed. Good luck!

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