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Recovers all types of corrupted RAID arrays

Global Hot Spare vs Dedicated Hot Spare

Here you will find out:

  • what is global and dedicated hot spare
  • what is in common between dedicated and global hot spare
  • when DiskInternals can help you

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Global Hot Spare

Global Hot Spare and Dedicated Hot Spare

A global hot spare disk makes it possible not to lose data when one of the array disks fails.

The hot spare disk is automatically activated only if the array disk is damaged.

In this case, data is transferred from the damaged disk to the backup one.

Then, after replacing the drive, data is sent back to the new drive from the backup drive.

It should be noted that the hot disk is not just for particular disks in the array; it can be used if absolutely any disk fails.

It should be remembered that the hot disk and the physical disk of the array must use the same disk technology and size (the size can be larger, but not less).

Dedicated Hot Spare

A dedicated hot spare is a hot spare disk that can only be used for one redundant virtual disk. It is also possible to assign a dedicated hot spare reserve to protect more than one logical drive; this is called a pool reserve. Before you can assign a dedicated hot spare to protect an array, you must create a logical drive.

When importing an external configuration, the allocated hot reserves in the configuration are imported as the allocated hot reserves under two conditions:

  • the associated virtual disk is already present
  • the associated virtual disk is imported with its configuration

Dedicated and Global Hot Spare: Common Features

If a global or dedicated hot spare is assigned and it fully meets the recovery requirements for a damaged RAID disk, recovery starts automatically.

Hot spares must be scheduled before recovery starts and must meet all the requirements for a virtual disk.

When the disk group for which it was assigned is no longer present during import, the dedicated hot spare becomes a global hot spare.

If a global hot spare or a dedicated hot spare is deleted, inserted, and imported, it restores its hot spare status.

Global and Dedicated Hot Spare: Data Recovery

If the disk is assigned as a global hot spare or a dedicated hot spare, all data will be erased.

In this respect, there is no difference between the two. Therefore, you need to take care of this data in advance; it is better to have a backup copy or create a disk image.

If any files were lost or deleted on the RAID array, or the RAID array failed, the easiest way to recover them is to use DiskInternals RAID Recovery as soon as possible. The program has a Recovery Wizard to assist you if you do not have sufficient technical skills. You can preview the recovery results for free. Only after that, when you are completely sure in data safety, do you need to purchase a license for DiskInternals RAID Recovery online so you can export data to any drive. In addition, this utility supports manual and fully automatic detection of array type, RAID controller type, strip size and disk order, after which it restores files as much as possible.

Use these instructions for painless information recovery:

Download and install the application. Next, open it and optionally run the Recovery Wizard.

Select a specific array to work with.

Select a search mode:

  • Fast recovery
  • Full recovery

After scanning, review the search results and verify the integrity and correctness of the data.

All of these procedures are completely free.

Buy a license and complete the process by exporting data.

Good luck!

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