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What is a C shell script?

Here you will find out:

  • what C shell is
  • what features of C shell are
  • what characters and variables used in C shell are
  • when DiskInternals can help you

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About C shell

C shell is an interactive shell for UNIX systems written in C language-like syntax. UNIX system users can use C shell to write bash programs. C Shell was created in the late 1970s by a graduate of the University of California named Jim Berkeley. Programs written with C shell are referred to as shell scripts. The purpose of Berkeley’s C shell is simple: provide UNIX system users with an intuitive interface to write commands/scripts.

Features of C shell and programming features

There are a couple of features of C shell you’ll love, including:

  • Personalized environment
  • Support for aliases (one can abbreviate commands)
  • Recording previous commands and saving them in your history
  • Ability to run programs in the foreground and the background
  • Support for shell scripting and keyboard shortcuts

Characters used in C shell

To use any of these special characters for the C shell, you must introduce a backslash (\).

Using variables in C shell

It is important to note that there are built-in C shell variables, and these variables control the shell's behavior. These built-in variables do not require a value; they are defined using set commands without needing a value. You can also unset C shell’s variables using the built-in unset commands.


Using variables in C shell

Type the dollar sign ($) followed by the name of the variable. If it is an array, introduce brackets for subscripts, and define the number of elements you wish to collect with the form $#var2.

To check for existing variables, use $?variable. If the variable exists, the expression will evaluate to one (true); otherwise, it prints zero (false).

Integer calculations can be solved in the C shell.


Other examples of C shell variables

Set var1's value to b8:

Set the array variable var2 to x, y, and z:

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