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Linux ZSH: the basic you want to know

Here you will find out:

  • what is ZSH
  • how to launch Linux ZSH
  • when DiskInternals can help you

Are you ready? Let's read!

What is ZSH?

The Z Shell, but better known as the shorter zsh, is a shell that is used as a login shell and as a command-line interpreter. It is somewhat similar to bash, but more productive. The complete ZSH manual contains more than 800 pages, so only a few people know all the features of this shell. Each shell has unique functions, such as a list of frequently used commands, autocomplete, etc.

All this variety of functions in Linux zsh has been accumulating for many decades (since the 1990s), so there is such an unsurpassed result.

Why do I need Linux ZSH?

It is necessary to note the indisputable superiority of ZSH over all other shells, primarily due to the presence of certain unique functions that are not implemented in any other shell. In brief, there are several advantages:

  • ZSH can support not one, but several plugins at once.
  • Semantic path extension (like “/lo/b” extends to “/local/bin”)
  • Ability to make mistakes when entering a command - the spelling is corrected automatically, and there is an approximate completion process.

Installation of ZSH

Shell can be installed by default in Ubuntu using the command:

Next, use the command:

to change the default shell to the desired one.

Then exit and re-enter the new shell.

A check is required:

The output should be zsh.

Set up ZSH

With those options that are set by default, zsh source is pretty unpredictable. Therefore, before using it, you need to configure it a bit.

Firstly, you will be offered several options for the further outcome of the events:

It is preferable to select function 1.

In this menu, it will be possible to change the configuration in several ways:

a. The selection of the number of commands in the shell. If this item is not changed, it will be 1000.

b. Completion function ZSH's

c. Choose Vi or Emacs key bindings

d. Be sure to check out other possible features. As an option, you can turn on all the functions and feel the full power of this shell.

Search with ZSH

Zsh has an excellent file search function in the current or any other subdirectory.

And these commands:

  • search for a file in the current directory. Example:
  • search for a file in subdirectory. Example:
  • simultaneous search both here and there. Example:
  • either with the asterisks. Example:

Any option works well.

Need to access Linux files from Windows?

For this purpose, use the DiskInternals Linux Reader software.

It is a convenient tool that has no worthy analogs and is designed for users with a dual boot or a virtual machine on their computers. In other words, on Linux, you can extract any files from Windows on one computer. Moreover, the application works with all known file systems, does not slow down, and is automated as much as possible.

Therefore, by downloading this application, you will no longer have problems moving files from one OS to another.

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