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Access files and folders on Ext, UFS, HFS, ReiserFS, or APFS file systems from Windows

What are useful bash scripts?

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  • how to use these scripts
  • when DiskInternals can help you

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Useful and cool bash scripts

Obviously, there are lots of bash scripts out there, but not all of them are necessarily useful. These useful bash scripts are also known as bash snippets. For staunch command-line users, these bash snippets can be of great importance. This article contains bash scripts that can help you view current stock prices, say, or watch YouTube videos.

How to install useful bash scripts

So how do you install these useful bash scripts? You can install it using the git tool, following the steps below. This installation method works on all Linux distributions.

Clone the repo

Go to the cloned directory

Check for the latest stable version

Fourth Step: Install the snippets

If you do not want to install all the scripts, but just specific ones, here’s an example of how you can do that:

The above command will install a specific “currency” script.

Some cool bash scripts

CheatCheats for Linux users
CloudupBacks up GitHub repos to bitbucket
CryptFor encrypting and decrypting files
CryptocurrencyProvides real-time cryptocurrency conversions based on exchange rates of the top 10 cryptocurrencies
CurrencyAll-purpose currency converter
GeoDisplays information from LAN, WAN, DNS, MAC, Router, and IP
LyricsCaptures lyrics of a song from the command line
MemeFor creating memes via command line
MoviesSearches for a specific movie and provides its details
NewtonRuns numerical calculations and symbolic math parsing
QrifyConverts a string to a QR code
ShortShortens URLs
SiteciphersCheck for active and inactive ciphers on an HTTPS site
StocksProvides details for a certain stock
TasteThis script shows three recommendations of a queried item. The queried item can be anything: music, books, movies, etc.
TodoTo-do manager
TransferTransfers files
WeatherPrints weather details for your location
YouTubeLets you watch YouTube videos from terminal

How to use these scripts

An active internet connection is required to run any of these scripts.

Short – Shorten URLs

Example script:

Weather – Weather Information

Example script:

Youtube-Viewer – Watch YouTube videos

Example script

The Ytview command works with other commands.


-s Searches YouTube

-c displays the latest videos from a channel

-h display help


Qrify – Convert Strings into QR code

Example script:


Example script:

If you don’t know how to use a script

If you need help on how to use any of the scripts, simply type the script’s name and hit Enter on the keyboard. This will show you helpful information on how to use the script.

How to open Linux files in Windows easily

DiskInternals Linux Reader is an intuitive, easy to read software application that helps Linux users access their Linux files while booted into Windows, likely on a dual-boot PC. The software is fast and supports a lot of file systems. Also, DiskInternals Linux Reader doesn’t support any algorithm; however, it lets you view any file saved on Ext4 partitions or any other Linux partitions on a PC.

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