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Linux bin/bash: All You Need to Know

Here you will find out:

  • what a Linux bin/bash shell is and its alternatives
  • whether it is any difference between /bin/bash and /bin/sh
  • when DiskInternals can help you

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What is a Linux bin/bash shell?

The Linux bin/bash shell is one of the most popular and widespread among shells. The executable bash shell path is /bin/bash.

It is used to launch Linux commands.

Find out more about the bin/bash command

/bin/sh is an executable file that represents the system shell. In fact, whether the shell is a system shell or an executable, it is usually realized as a symbolic link to the executable.

Linux shell is the default shell in system script usage. In Linux distributions, this has often been a symbolic link to bash for a long time, so always linking /bin/sh to bash or to the bash-compatible shell has become the norm.

But it's not only for the users of the bash shell. Shell scripts need a shell to interpret it.

When running a shell script, the system needs to start a shell process to execute the script.

The script can specify #!/bin/bash on the first line, which means that the script should always be run in bash and not in other shells.

Other shells to use as alternatives to bin/bash shell

There are many alternatives to Linux bin/bash, despite the fact that it is a very popular shell. Some of them are here:

  • SH is a very basic shell with the basic functions of bash.
  • KSH is short for KornShell and has bash-like functions.
  • CSH is mainly designed using the C programming language.

What is the difference between /bin/bash and /bin/sh?

As mentioned earlier, bash binaries are usually stored in the /bin/bash path. /bin/sh provides the SH shell, which is a simplified version of bash.

You can use the man command shown below to list the details. Here you can find detailed information about the bash shell and related commands.

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